Sunday Minefields

The Sunday Minefield – July 15, 2018

Jeff Landfield   July 15, 2018

Campaign season is definitely underway as more fundraisers, political events, and signs continue to go up. The primary is just over five weeks away….

The Sunday Minefield – July 8, 2018

Jeff Landfield   July 8, 2018

Another 4th of July has come and gone. The heat and great weather in much of Alaska made this 4th a particularly  great one….

The Sunday Minefield – July 1, 2018

Jeff Landfield   July 1, 2018

Summer is flying by. June is over and the 4th of July is almost here. Alaskans will be celebrating at lakes, cabins, parades, and…

The Sunday Minefield – June 24, 2018

Jeff Landfield   June 24, 2018

The Summer Solstice has come and gone once again. Alaskans celebrated the solstice at a variety of venues all over the state. 49th State…

The Sunday Minefield – June 17, 2018

Jeff Landfield   June 17, 2018

Landmine readers – what a jam packed week this has been in Alaska politics! If the rest of the summer is this busy we...

The Sunday Minefield – June 10, 2018

Jeff Landfield   June 10, 2018

With campaign season underway, candidates all over the state are holding fundraisers, knocking on doors, and in some cases, freaking out. Some legislators are…

The Sunday Minefield – June 3, 2018

Jeff Landfield   June 3, 2018

What a week this has been for politics in Alaska! The June 1 candidate filing deadline has come and gone. As expected, there were…

The Sunday Minefield – May 27, 2018

Jeff Landfield   May 27, 2018

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means summer is finally here! Well, hopefully. Alaskans all over the state are camping, fishing, boating, and relaxing this…

The Sunday Minefield – May 20, 2018

Jeff Landfield   May 20, 2018

The 2nd regular session of the 30th Alaska Legislature concluded on May 13, 2018. Despite exceeding the voter mandated 90-day limit, and lots of…

The Sunday Minefield – May 13, 2018

Jeff Landfield   May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! If you forgot about your mom – not good. But you still have time to…

The Sunday Minefield – May 6, 2018

Jeff Landfield   May 9, 2018

Better late than never. I apologize for not having the column up this week. I was out of town for work (yes, I have…

The Sunday Minefield – April 29, 2018

Jeff Landfield   April 29, 2018

It’s almost May! A major windstorm hit Anchorage this week, causing damage to some houses and knocking out power to thousands of Anchorage residents….

The Sunday Minefield – April 22, 2018

Jeff Landfield   April 22, 2018

The legislature continues to meet in Juneau as they have, once again, failed to meet the voter mandated 90-day session limit. It appears progress…

The Sunday Minefield – April 15, 2018

Jeff Landfield   April 15, 2018

Today (4/15/2018) marks the 90th day of the “90-day” legislative session! They have once again failed to finish in the voter mandated 90 days,…

The Sunday Minefield – April 8, 2018

Jeff Landfield   April 8, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed my April Fool’s video last week in which I announced my candidacy for lieutenant governor. Even though it was a…

The Sunday Minefield – April 1, 2018

Jeff Landfield   April 1, 2018

It has been over five months since I started the Alaska Landmine. In this short time I have quickly realized just how bad things…

The Sunday Minefield – March 25, 2018

Jeff Landfield   March 25, 2018

Another busy week in Juneau. As the voter mandated “90-day” session limit approaches, tensions are rising in the Capitol. The house is dealing with…

The Sunday Minefield – March 18, 2018

Jeff Landfield   March 18, 2018

It’s been quite a busy week in Juneau as well as Anchorage. The “90-day” legislative session is two thirds over. Hearings on a variety…

The Sunday Minefield – March 11, 2018

Jeff Landfield   March 11, 2018

The “90-day” legislative session is more than halfway done and it is not looking likely that they will finish on time. Again. Upside –...

The Sunday Minefield – March 4, 2018

Jeff Landfield   March 4, 2018

This has been a busy week, more so for Anchorage than Juneau. The Anchorage mayoral race is heating up, Fur Rondy is underway, the…
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