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The Sunday Minefield – April 14, 2024

Jeff Landfield

April 14, 2024

Today is day 90 of the legislative session! Folk Fest was held this week in Juneau. In addition to some really good music the smell of marijuana and BO was strong in the vicinity of downtown. By some miracle,…

Brad Keithley’s Chart of the Week: Impact of LNG imports on the Cook Inlet gas market

Brad Keithley

April 12, 2024

One issue some raise when discussing using LNG imports to supplement traditional Cook Inlet supplies is their potential impact on utility gas costs. Indeed...

Bill Popp endorses Suzanne LaFrance for Anchorage mayor

Jeff Landfield

April 10, 2024

At a press conference this afternoon in front of City Hall, Bill Popp announced his endorsement of Anchorage mayoral candidate Suzanne LaFrance. She faces Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson in a run-off election that will be held on May 14. Unofficial…

First day of House budget amendments normal, minus regional drama between Kenai and Fairbanks

Jeff Landfield

April 9, 2024

The Alaska House of Representatives spent the day hearing the first round of amendments to the operating budget. They convened just after 10 am...

Ask a Cat: Incoming tourists, sensitive people, and gaslighting


April 8, 2024

Feeling triggered? Seasonal ennui? Desperate to be chosen for Featured Feline? The Cat can help. Reach out anonymously here or e-mail Dear Most Wondrous and Wise Cat: What does one do about the fact that the tourists are coming?…

The Sunday Minefield – April 7, 2024

Jeff Landfield

April 7, 2024

We are more than two-thirds through the 121-day session limit. After more than a week of hearing budget amendments, the House Finance Committee passed finally passed the budget out of the committee. Things are sure to get contentious on…

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