The Alaska Stalker – May 14, 2022

Welcome to this edition of the Alaska Stalker, a lighthearted round up of the best and worst of Alaska’s social media landscape. If you enjoy the Alaska Stalker, please consider supporting working moms like me by sending in…… Read More

The Sunday Minefield – May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! The constitutional session limit is just ten days away, and significant uncertainty remains with the budget. The Senate will take up the combined operating, capital, and supplemental budget tomorrow on the … Read More

The Sunday Minefield – May 1, 2022

Hard to believe it’s already May. Only 17 days remain until the constitutional session limit, and still only the House has passed its version of the operating budget. The candidate filing deadline of June 1 is just a month away, … Read More

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