Sunday Minefields

The Sunday Minefield – October 25, 2020

Jeff Landfield   October 25, 2020

The November 3 general election is just over a week away. High numbers of absentee ballots and in-person early votes continue. Just like the primary, we will not know the final results for at least a week after the election – when the absentee results are reported. If some of the races are very close it could be longer….

The Sunday Minefield – October 18, 2020

Jeff Landfield
October 18, 2020

The Sunday Minefield – October 11, 2020

Jeff Landfield
October 11, 2020

The Sunday Minefield – October 4, 2020

Jeff Landfield
October 4, 2020

The Sunday Minefield – September 27, 2020

Jeff Landfield
September 27, 2020

The Sunday Minefield – September 20, 2020

Jeff Landfield   September 20, 2020

The first tranche of overseas absentee ballots went out on Friday. This was after the week was consumed over a lawsuit against the Division…

The Sunday Minefield – September 13, 2020

Jeff Landfield   September 13, 2020

Fall is definitely in the air. The snow will be here before we know it. The November 3 general election is just over seven…

The Sunday Minefield – September 6, 2020

Jeff Landfield   September 6, 2020

It’s safe to say summer is coming to an end. The cold rain is falling, it’s getting chilly at night, and tomorrow is Labor…

The Sunday Minefield – August 30, 2020

Jeff Landfield   August 30, 2020

Believe it or not it’s almost September. Winter is just around the corner. The November 3 general election is just over two months away….

The Sunday Minefield – August 23, 2020

Jeff Landfield   August 23, 2020

The 2020 primary election has come and gone. Well, kind of. There are still a ton of absentee votes to be counted. That will…

The Sunday Minefield – August 16, 2020

Jeff Landfield   August 16, 2020

As the sun shines around Southcentral Alaska (sorry Southeast) we are all trying hard to enjoy the tail end of summer. The 2020 primary…

The Sunday Minefield – August 9, 2020

Jeff Landfield   August 9, 2020

Absentee and early voting are both underway for the August 18 primary. Due to COVID there has been a much higher amount of absentee…

The Sunday Minefield – August 2, 2020

Jeff Landfield   August 2, 2020

The events of this week were all put into perspective on Friday (July 31) when Representative Gary Knopp (R – Kenai) was tragically killed…

The Sunday Minefield – July 26, 2020

Jeff Landfield   July 26, 2020

It’s almost August, which means the August 18 primary is just over three weeks away. Because of COVID, a lot of Alaskans will be…

The Sunday Minefield – July 19, 2020

Jeff Landfield   July 19, 2020

As the August 18 primary election quickly approaches, the daily number of COVID cases continues to climb. Today saw 119 cases reported (82 resident…

The Sunday Minefield – July 12, 2020

Jeff Landfield   July 12, 2020

As usual, summer is flying by! It is already the middle of July. The August 18 primary is just over a month away. Unfortunately,…

The Sunday Minefield – July 5, 2020

Jeff Landfield   July 5, 2020

I hope everyone had an awesome Independence Day holiday weekend. The weather around much of the state was amazing! Hopefully we don’t see an…

The Sunday Minefield – June 28, 2020

Jeff Landfield   June 28, 2020

It’s almost July! I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend. It may be hard for some as cases of COVID-19 continue…

The Sunday Minefield – June 21, 2020

Jeff Landfield   June 21, 2020

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice! Today marks the day where we will start losing sunlight. Alaskans all around the state are enjoying the solstice,…

The Sunday Minefield – June 14, 2020

Jeff Landfield   June 14, 2020

The weather has been incredible this week in Anchorage and around much of the state! As COVID cases continue to be on the rise…
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