Sunday Minefields

The Sunday Minefield – September 19, 2021

Jeff Landfield   September 19, 2021

I hope everyone is enjoying the awesome weekend! Snow will be here before we know it. The third special session ended this week with the Legislature agreeing to pay an $1,100 dividend with only hours to spare. Not long after that happened, Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska) announced a fourth special session that will begin on October 1. …

The Sunday Minefield – September 12, 2021

Jeff Landfield
September 12, 2021

The Sunday Minefield – September 5, 2021

Jeff Landfield
September 5, 2021

The Sunday Minefield – August 29, 2021

Jeff Landfield
August 29, 2021

The Sunday Minefield – August 22, 2021

Jeff Landfield
August 22, 2021

The Sunday Minefield – August 15, 2021

Jeff Landfield   August 15, 2021

It was a busy week in Alaska politics. Legislators are heading to Juneau this weekend for the third special session, which convenes tomorrow at…

The Sunday Minefield – August 8, 2021

Jeff Landfield   August 8, 2021

It’s pouring rain in Anchorage as I am writing this! It was a relatively quiet week for Alaska politics. The Legislature is set to…

The Sunday Minefield – August 1, 2021

Jeff Landfield   August 1, 2021

Summer if really flying by. It’s already August, which means fall is just around the corner. I hope everyone is enjoying the great weather…

The Sunday Minefield – July 25, 2021

Jeff Landfield   July 25, 2021

Summer is really flying by! August is just one week away, meaning fall is just around the corner, unfortunately. Another special session is set…

The Sunday Minefield – July 18, 2021

Jeff Landfield   July 19, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed the awesome weekend! It was probably the best one yet this summer. This week’s column is a day late due…

The Sunday Minefield – July 11, 2021

Jeff Landfield   July 11, 2021

It’s sad to think summer is nearly halfway over. I hope everyone is enjoying it despite the cooler than normal temperatures. It was relatively…

The Sunday Minefield – July 4, 2021

Jeff Landfield   July 4, 2021

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone had a good one. The weather in Southcentral was not bad, and judging by the photos, the…

The Sunday Minefield – June 27, 2021

Jeff Landfield   June 27, 2021

It’s almost July and a budget has still not been sent to Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska). The Legislature came back into a…

The Sunday Minefield – June 20, 2021 (Special Loose Unit Edition)

Jeff Landfield   June 20, 2021

As weeks go in Alaska politics, this was one of the the loosest I can remember since starting the Landmine in October of 2017....

The Sunday Minefield – June 13, 2021

Jeff Landfield   June 13, 2021

The weather has been amazing in Anchorage this week! I hope everyone is out enjoying it. It’s mid-June and a budget has still not…

The Sunday Minefield – June 6, 2021

Jeff Landfield   June 6, 2021

What a beautiful weekend it has been in Anchorage! Alaskans all over Southcentral have been out enjoying the weekend I am so happy to…

The Sunday Minefield – May 30, 2021

Jeff Landfield   May 30, 2021

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend. Let’s not forget the reason for this holiday weekend – to honor military personnel…

The Sunday Minefield – May 23, 2021

Jeff Landfield   May 24, 2021

I know the column is a day late. I needed a break yesterday. The weather in Juneau today is amazing! I am finally heading…

The Sunday Minefield – May 16, 2021

Jeff Landfield   May 16, 2021

The constitutional session limit is three days away, and an operating budget has yet to be passed by the legislature. But the legislature need…

The Sunday Minefield – May 9, 2021

Jeff Landfield   May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! The constitutional session limit is just ten days away, and there is no end in…
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