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Dispatches from Juneau: Anchorage vs. Alaska

Jacob Hersh   February 1, 2023

On Monday I watched the Senate Resources Committee talk about natural gas. Apparently, there’s fucking loads of the stuff. I sort of knew this intrinsically, through cultural osmosis, having lived in Alaska my whole life, but having the Natural Resources Commissioner-Designee John Boyle...

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: The goal isn’t new revenues, it’s new revenue design

Brad Keithley   January 27, 2023

Some of what we bring to the discussion of fiscal policy has been learned over the years from dealing with utility rate cases. In...

Gene Peltola, husband of Rep. Mary Peltola, is trying to get a piece of Alaska’s emerging carbon market

Jeff Landfield   January 25, 2023

Governor Mike Dunleavy (R - Alaska), who was re-elected in November, has made selling carbon credits as a means to raise new state revenue...

Dispatches from Juneau: The State of the State

Jacob Hersh   January 24, 2023

I’ve been confused five or six times now for a legislative staffer, to whom I apparently bear a striking resemblance. It’s happened in various…

Truck Drivin’ Man: An interview with Senator Robb Myers

Jacob Hersh   January 23, 2023

Sincerity and politics are stereotypically seen as mutually exclusive - the caricature of the lying lawmaker is well known in popular culture. There are,...

Ask a Cat: Marriage, mothers-in-law, and commitment

Cat   January 23, 2023

Ask a cat is new advice column featured in the Alaska Landmine. Have a question for the Cat? Email or click here to...

The Sunday Minefield – January 22, 2023

Jeff Landfield   January 22, 2023

The first session of the 33rd Alaska Legislature got underway in Juneau on Tuesday. All but one of Alaska’s 60 legislators were sworn in….

How the Bush Caucus gave Republicans control of the State House

Jeff Landfield   January 22, 2023

In a shocking vote the day after the start of the legislative session, Representative Cathy Tilton (R – Wasilla) was elected Speaker of the...

The Alaska Stalker – January 22, 2023

The Alaska Stalker   January 22, 2023

Welcome to this edition of the Alaska Stalker, a lighthearted round up of the best and worst of Alaska’s social media landscape. If you...

Dispatches from Juneau: Tying one on in the capital city

Jacob Hersh   January 21, 2023

If you’ve lived in Alaska for any length of time, you’ll be familiar with those bumper stickers for Homer, “A Quaint Drinking Town With...

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: Comparing actions to words – Is Governor Dunleavy really serious about protecting the PFD

Brad Keithley   January 20, 2023

In his December news conference announcing his proposed FY24 budget, Governor Mike Dunleavy...

Rep. Cathy Tilton elected Speaker of the House, majority still undefined

Jeff Landfield   January 18, 2023

In a 26-14 vote this morning, Representative Cathy Tilton (R - Wasilla) was elected Speaker of the House. The initial vote was 28-12 but...

Dispatches from Juneau: Day 1 of the legislative session

Jacob Hersh   January 18, 2023

The rainy cold does little to dampen the overwhelming sense of urgency in Alaska’s capital city. My Monday flight to Juneau is packed with...

On first day of session the Senate has officially organized, House still in limbo

Jeff Landfield   January 17, 2023

On the first day of the 33rd Alaska Legislature, the State Senate smoothly and flawlessly organized their large super majority. Comprised of 17-members...

Ask a Cat: Pets, TikTok, and an unwanted kiss

Cat   January 16, 2023

Ask a cat is new advice column featured in the Alaska Landmine. Have a question for the Cat? Email to get the answers…

The Sunday Minefield – January 15, 2023

Jeff Landfield   January 15, 2023

I spent four days on the Big Island this week before the start of session. And let me tell you it was amazing! I…
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