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Halting Holtan Hills

Paxson Woelber   April 17, 2023

Halting Holtan Hills How a small group of Girdwood’s most privileged residents manipulated Anchorage community councils to help shut down a long-overdue housing development An Alaska Landmine special feature by Paxson Woelber April 17, 2023 On January 26, David Nyman, Krystal Hoke, and Matt Schechter went before Anchorage’s South Addition Community Council meeting with a…

Sah Quah

Jeff Landfield | Paxson Woelber | Lee Baxter
August 8, 2022

One Man’s Mountain

By Paxson Woelber, with additional reporting by Jeff Landfield
December 2, 2019

The bizarre story of Campbell Lake, the private lake that isn’t

Jeff Landfield and Paxson Woelber
September 19, 2019