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The Alaska Landmine is happy to run your ads! Since its founding in October 2017, the Landmine has quickly become one of Alaska’s most popular news sites. We reach a lot of Alaskans, and we do so in a fun, entertaining, and high energy way!

Ad features:

  • Ad spaces are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.
  • Support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, and video embeds.
  • Support for high-res screens.

The Landmine will run all ads that meet technical requirements as long as space is available, though we reserve the right to refuse ads that we believe violate basic community standards of decency.

Ad Spots

Menu Ads:
Runs above the menu on every page. Rotates between a maximum of 3 ads. Please provide artwork at both 1240x180px and 620x180px.

Banner Ads:
Runs at the top of the homepage and all articles. Rotates between a maximum of 3 ads. 900x240px.

Content Ads:
Runs on the article sidebar on desktop; interspersed into content on mobile. 300x240px.

Footer Ads:
Runs at the bottom of every article. Rotates between a maximum of 3 ads. 900x240px.

If you have questions about rates or would like to place an ad, please email [email protected]

Website analytics available on request.