The Sunday Minefield – November 5, 2023

Winter has finally arrived as much of Southcentral was hit with snow this weekend. The start of the next legislative session is just over two months away. The Anchorage Housing Action Week, sponsored by the Anchorage Assembly, was held this … Read More

Dancing in the streets

We have a crisis on our hands; more and more motor vehicles are getting larger and larger, going faster and faster, and making it next to impossible for non-motorized folk to cross any street, road, boulevard, avenue, parkway, or drive. Five and six lane “stroads” (a term coined by Charles Marohn, who just spoke in Anchorage), are a dominating fixture of the Anchorage transportation network…… Read More

The Sunday Minefield – October 29, 2023

Halloween is just two days away! Snow is in the forecast for Anchorage but not for another ten days. Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska) held a press conference this week about incentives for new oil and gas production in … Read More

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