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Alaska’s elected officials lack the political will to solve our fiscal crisis

Anonymous   February 2, 2021

Alaska doesn’t have a fiscal crisis, we have a math problem and a lack of political will to solve it. According to the Legislative Finance Division, the state expects to receive $1.2 billion from annual revenue (oil royalties, severance taxes, and...

Plug and Chug: Driving an electric car from Vermont to Alaska during a pandemic

Tim Treuer
January 10, 2021

The resilience of Alaskan music communities

Michael Chase Dickerson
December 28, 2020

Vote no on Ballot Measure 2

Co-Chairs of Defend Alaska Elections
November 2, 2020

Let’s imagine our future together, Alaska: vote yes on 2

Rachel Kallander
November 2, 2020

Why I am voting no on Ballot Measure 1

Jacob Hersh   November 2, 2020

You can’t talk Alaska without talking oil. It’s one of those ever-present inextricable truths. Wisconsin has cheese. California has Hollywood. And we have swaths...

Sprinkler requirement would hose home buyers

Eric Visser   October 27, 2020

This is long and complicated, but important. Tonight, the Anchorage Assembly will make some very big decisions that will impact land and housing development…

Vote No on 2 – Two Alaskans who don’t agree on much agree on this

Nora Morse and Brett Huber   October 26, 2020

Brett Huber and I do not see eye to eye on almost anything. He is a Republican. I am a Democrat. He ran Mike…

Vote Yes on 2 – Alaska fishing needs accountability and honesty from elected leaders

Ryan Johnson   October 26, 2020

Fishing is ingrained in the everyday lives of Alaskans, from the ancestors of our native peoples to the present. It’s a way of life...

College during COVID

Jacob Hersh   October 12, 2020

“Seldom have I ever questioned the end, Still I grow frost when I’m reminded.” -Parquet Courts, “Before the Water Gets Too High” On the best of days…

The slow death of Seawolf hockey

Mike Dingman   September 4, 2020

It was always the most exciting moment. Walking into the Sullivan Arena, lovingly referred to as the “Sully,” feeling the crisp cold…

Alaskans vote for people, not parties: Vote yes on Ballot Measure 2

Daniel Volland   August 15, 2020

Openness to new ideas, a spirit of independence, and a culture of community collaboration were part of the draw to Alaska when I left...

Anchorage must have a long-term strategy to address COVID

Bill Evans   August 5, 2020

Any response or comments regarding Anchorage’s response to COVID is immediately filtered through the lens of intense partisanship, which is unfortunate as that does...

Gary Knopp was a friend of mine

John-Henry Heckendorn   August 4, 2020

I was first introduced to Gary when he was considering running for the Legislature in 2016 and I was a partner in…

I hate America: A case for the black man in America

Terre Gales   June 6, 2020

The relationship between the black man and America is a complicated one. The first “American” casualty in the Revolutionary War was a black man…

Mission Impossible: Escaping Russia during COVID-19

Irina Dudina   May 29, 2020

It was March 7, 2020 when my almost two year old daughter and I departed from Spain to go visit my parents in the…

Chugach Electric election 2020, why bother?

Sam Cason   May 11, 2020

If history repeats itself, in the next month fewer than one in ten members of Chugach Electric will vote to decide who will fill…

An Alaskan trapped in Peru makes it home

Tim Weise   April 2, 2020

Saturday night my mind was racing. It had been 14 days since I had entered the Flying Dog Hostel in the Miraflores…

An Alaskan trapped in Peru

Tim Weise   March 21, 2020

It all happened seemingly overnight. What began as one of the most fantastic trips I have taken overseas quickly dissolved into a story out…

Why Republicans can’t govern

Anonymous Staffer   February 26, 2020

Fifteen short months ago, Alaska Republicans were celebrating decisive victories up and down the ballot: Mike Dunleavy soundly defeated former U.S. Senator Mark Begich...
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