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It’s time to adopt a comprehensive homeless plan

Mayor Dave Bronson, Assembly member Felix Rivera, and John Weddleton   April 28, 2022

This week, the Anchorage Assembly will consider plans to construct a homelessness navigation...

It’s time for the Board of Game to address trapping on trails in the Mat-Su

Nicole Schmitt   January 6, 2022

At the end of January, the Alaska Board of Game will consider Proposal 199, which would require 50-yard trap setbacks from specific, maintained multi-use...

Ringing in the New Year with warning bells

Andrew Gray   December 26, 2021

A year ago, David Bianculli, TV critic on NPR’s Fresh Air, said: “I cannot tell you how pleased I will be to turn the…

Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard deserves to be recalled

Chelsea Foster   November 23, 2021

Reclaim Midtown (RM) and Save Anchorage (SA) are two of the most serious and consequential threats to our city. These groups, most popular on...

Medical misinformation wars

Dr. Brian Sweeney   November 12, 2021

When I started my Internal Medicine residency in 1994 there was an entire floor of AIDS patients. Pharmacology has changed that world and now…

Who should own Alaska’s natural resources

Senator Robert Myers   November 10, 2021

Since I entered the government arena last year, I have been saying that the Permanent Fund Dividend is not our only problem but that…

Murkowski’s votes undercut women’s safety and access to domestic violence protection

Kelly Tshibaka   October 19, 2021

Alaska has an extraordinary number of vulnerable people, particularly women who are homeless or victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse, but we do...

Anchorage Assembly testimony does not reflect our city

Ella Ede   October 3, 2021

In recent days, I have tuned in to watch the Anchorage Assembly meetings on YouTube. The endless stream of testimony and disruptions from anti-maskers...

Surviving COVID-19: Roger Helvie’s story

Kayli Helvie   September 28, 2021

Roger, my father, is 59 years old and has been married to my mom, Jodi, for 35 years. He served in the Air Force…

The COVID foxhole

Dr. Brian Sweeney   September 26, 2021

The wrong way to start this piece would be stories about the horrors of COVID-19. I will start with what everybody should do. Keep…

I’m running to create a brighter future

Les Gara   September 7, 2021

I want a brighter future, not a state people have been leaving for a record four years in a row. We can do better…

In a time of crisis, Alaskans deserve true leadership

Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas   September 2, 2021

Leadership means taking strong positions in Alaskans’ best interests, even in tough times. Alaska certainly is in tough times today. Doing nothing about the…

“You need to tell people how terrible this is:” A report from inside an Alaska hospital

Anonymous   August 20, 2021

“You need to tell people how terrible this is,” a patient pleaded with me as we placed him on oxygen support, “this isn’t the...

The importance of the Civil Air Patrol in Alaska

Bryan Emerson   August 12, 2021

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the longtime civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, and is a valued member of its total force….

Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis—and a Proposed Solution

Cliff Groh   June 30, 2021

The State of Alaska has a problem taller than Denali. We cannot pay for our education, roads, public safety, and residents’ Permanent…

The irony of Kristie Babcock’s attack on Chief Justice Joel Bolger

Anonymous   June 4, 2021

The opinion piece by Kristie Babcock recently published in the Anchorage Daily News, in which she accuses Chief Justice Joel Bolger of being a...
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