Sunday Minefields

The Sunday Minefield – December 10, 2017

Jeff Landfield   December 10, 2017

Now that the 4th special session has ended, legislators can fundraise again, and, boy, did they get straight to it. This week saw a…

The Sunday Minefield – December 3, 2017

Jeff Landfield   December 3, 2017

Despite the end of the 4th legislative special session, it’s been a busy week in Alaska politics. The most exciting news by far was…

The Sunday Minefield – November 26, 2017

Jeff Landfield   November 26, 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now that the holiday weekend is at its end, I hope you enjoy this week’s Sunday Minefield. The…

The Sunday Minefield – November 19, 2017

Jeff Landfield   November 19, 2017

Well, it has been a very busy week in Anchorage. When I started the Sunday Minefield (way back in October) my biggest concern was…

The Sunday Minefield – November 12, 2017

Jeff Landfield   November 12, 2017

The Alaska Senate voted 11-9 on Friday to concur with the Alaska House’s changes to Senate Bill (SB) 54, the crime reform bill. Word…

The Sunday Minefield – November 5, 2017

Jeff Landfield   November 5, 2017

As the AK State Legislature’s 4th special session of the year drags on, crime continues to dominate the agenda in the House. The crime…

The Sunday Minefield – October 29, 2017

Jeff Landfield   October 30, 2017

The Alaska Legislature started their 4th special session on Monday. It has been dominated by crime. As usual, the characters in this tragic comedy…

The Sunday Minefield – October 22, 2017

Jeff Landfield   October 27, 2017

Welcome to the inaugural installment of The Sunday Minefield, The Alaska Landmine’s weekly rundown column. I look forward to delivering the political news…
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