Up-Skirt Cover-Up

Recently, I filed a public records request for security footage from the Capitol building in Juneau of Senator David Wilson (R- Wasilla) allegedly putting his cell phone under the skirt of a female staffer who was attempting to prevent him … Read More

The Sunday Minefield – November 5, 2017

As the AK State Legislature’s 4th special session of the year drags on, crime continues to dominate the agenda in the House. The crime reform legislation, Senate Bill (SB) 54, passed through the House Finance Committee Thursday on a 9-2 … Read More

Skirtgate Public Records Request

In the first Sunday Minefield column on October 22, 2017 I reported allegations that Senator David Wilson (R- Wasilla) put his cell phone under the dress of a female staffer after repeated requests that he stop trying to listen in … Read More

Sexual Harassment in Juneau

Since writing about the behaviors of certain legislators harassing female staffers, I have learned a lot. I have heard about this before but I guess I never thought it was so common. I was wrong. I have had several current … Read More

The Sunday Minefield – October 29, 2017

The Alaska Legislature started their 4th special session on Monday. It has been dominated by crime. As usual, the characters in this tragic comedy have not disappointed. Here are a few of the bizarre happenings: Noticeably absent from the first … Read More

The Sunday Minefield – October 22, 2017

Welcome to the inaugural installment of The Sunday Minefield, The Alaska Landmine’s weekly rundown column. I look forward to delivering the political news and gossip that no one else is talking about. Nothing or no one is off limits. Tomorrow … Read More


About the Alaska Landmine The Landmine was founded in October 2017 in an Anchorage coffee shop. The name Alaska Landmine was the result of a Facebook post by Jeff Landfield, who wanted to crowdsource a name for an Alaska political … Read More

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