The Sunday Minefield – January 15, 2023

I spent four days on the Big Island this week before the start of session. And let me tell you it was amazing! I head down to Juneau tomorrow morning. The 33rd Alaska Legislature is just two days away from gaveling in. But in what has become normal since 2019, the House has still not organized a majority. The filing period for the seven Anchorage Assembly seats and two School Board seats opened on Friday. Former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski went full megalomanic and hired progressive attorney Scott Kendall to send Mayor Dave Bronson a letter threatening a lawsuit. And some more politicos are on the move.

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House Still Unorganized 

Not much has changed regarding organization since what I wrote in last Sunday’s column. But it does seem that the Republicans are favored, if only slightly, in taking back the House for the first time since 2017. Representative Louise Stutes (R – Kodiak), who has served as Speaker of the House for the last two years, is still talking to Republicans. And with Representatives Dan Ortiz (R – Ketchikan) and Josiah Patkotak (I – Utqiagvik) as likely coalition members who would be willing to join with the Republicans, the advantage is there. But it has still not come together.

Republicans have 21 (minimum for a majority) including Stutes and Representative David Eastman (R – Ketchikan). But Eastman has proven to be an unreliable vote for Republicans in the past. At one point this week Republicans were representing they had a 21-member majority that included Patkotak and Eastman and not Stutes. But that ended up being a bluff to try and entice more members to join. Once a group gets to 21 they sometimes can pick up a few more members. But the coalition group sniffed that out for what it was and no one bit.

Later, it seemed a deal was close to being made for a 21-member majority that would have had excluded Eastman and had Stutes as speaker and Ortiz as a Finance co-chair. That also failed to materialize.  The problem with a 21-member majority is anyone has a veto and can grind things to a halt.

Stutes has been working hard to entice a few more coalition members to join her but so far that has not happened. In fact a different deal was close to coming together late this week. However, Stutes either overestimated her numbers or didn’t clearly communicate with coalition members she thought she has and the deal blew up. That does not mean that something can still come together. But it shows how fragile things are.

The main problem is, like a chess board, when you start moving pieces around it affects the other pieces. Depending on who aligns with who to form a majority, determining leadership positions becomes contentious. In addition to a speaker a rules chair (who decides what bills go to the floor), Finance co-chairs (who are in charge of putting together the budget), and majority leader have to be agreed on, which is not easy with a small majority. There are also multiple committee chairs that need to be agreed on.

Republicans seem to be willing to make a deal with Stutes, Patkotak, Ortiz and a few coalition members. But they don’t seem willing to give up much in the way of leadership positions or committee chairs. And this is the crux of the dilemma. For those who are willing to join Republicans, they have a high price. They aren’t going to do it unless they get something out of it, and rightfully so.

While it’s possible a deal comes together tomorrow or Tuesday, it’s not likely. There seems to be a desire by a lot of people to have a majority with at least 23 or 24 members. This would prevent any member form having a veto and allow for a little cushion. But for the reasons listed above it will be challenging to make that happen. I will be in Juneau starting tomorrow and closely tracking all of this.

Anchorage Assembly and School Board Races

Seven of Anchorage’s 12 Assembly seats and two of Anchorage’s seven School Board seats are up in April. The filing opened on Friday and closes on January 27. Due to two members going to the Legislature, one not running, and one being termed out, the Assembly will have at least four new members. The Assembly already replaced Forrest Dunbar – who was elected to the State Senate – with Joey Sweet. They will soon replace Jamie Allard – who was elected to the State House. Here are the seats that are up:

District 1 – Seat B – North Anchorage (Formerly Downtown Anchorage)

  • This seat is occupied by Assembly member Christopher Constant. He is running for re-election. He ran unopposed in 2020. If elected this would be his third and final term.

District 2 – Seat C – Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER

  • This seat is occupied by Assembly member Jamie Allard, who is going to Juneau. The Assembly will choose someone to serve out her term, which is up in April.

District 3 – Seat E – West Anchorage

  • This seat is occupied by Assembly member Austin Quinn-Davidson, who is not seeking re-election. Several people have filed letters of intent for the seat.

District 4 – Seat G – Midtown Anchorage

  • This seat is occupied by Assembly member Felix Rivera. He is running for re-election. He narrowly defeated Christine Hill in 2020. If elected this would be his third and final term.

District 5 – Seat I – East Anchorage

  • This seat is occupied by Assembly member Pete Petersen, who is termed out.

District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage

  • This seat was occupied by Forrest Dunbar and is now occupied by Assembly member Joey Sweet. Sweet is not running for the seat. This seat’s term ends in 2025 because Dunbar left in the middle of his term. All other seats are three year terms.

District 6 – Seat K – South Anchorage, Girdwood, Turnagain Arm

  • This seat is occupied by Assembly member Suzanne LaFrance. It’s not clear if she is running or not. There is speculation she plans on running for mayor in 2024.

Two School Board seats are also up. Members Dave Donley and Andy Holleman are both up and are both running.

Other Happenings

Several politicos are on the move:

  • Brandon Brefczynski has left Governor Mike Dunleavy’s (R – Alaska) office to take a job at the Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority (AIDEA). He joins Randy Ruaro, who also left Dunleavy’s office to be the new executive director at AIDEA.
  • Joe Byrnes has taken the legislative liaison job at the Department of Natural Resources. He worked for Representative Bart LeBon (R – Fairbanks), who was defeated in November by Representative-elect Maxine Dibert.
  • Grace Kubitz, a former legislative staffer for Representative Zack Fields (D – Anchorage), is the new external affair manager at NANA. Congrats, Gracie!
  • Rob Carpenter, who last Sunday I reported had left DOT, is back at the Legislative Finance Division as the deputy director.
  • Sarah Leonard is leaving her role as the president and CEO of the Alaska Travel Industry Association.

The Supreme Court ruled 2-1 (two justices recused themselves) to uphold a lower court ruling that Representative-elect Jennie Armstrong did meet residency requirements to serve in the Alaska Legislature. Justice Susan Carney dissented. Scott Kendall, who represented Armstrong, and many others said the case was a joke and wasn’t even close. Well, one Supreme Court justice seems to think otherwise.

This Week’s Loose Unit 

This week’s designee was the Loose Unit on December 26 but really earned it again. This week’s Loose Unit is Amy Demboski. Earlier this week, attorney Scott Kendall sent an explosive 11-page letter to Mayor Dave Bronson on behalf of Demboski. The letter makes numerous serious allegations and concludes by demanding cold hard cash (how much, exactly, is TBD). Demboski’s decision to hire Scott Kendall is, itself, very loose. Kendall is former Governor Bill Walker’s chief of staff, the architect of Ballot Measure 2, and a guy who frequently represents Democrats and progressives.

But what is even looser is the staggering hypocrisy and absurd hand-washing woven throughout Kendall’s letter on behalf of Demboski. Demboski has been running the show in the Bronson administration from day one. Are we seriously meant to believe that Demboski was an innocent bystander in the Joe Gerace scandal? In the decision to give Hickel the go-ahead to perform millions of dollars of construction work without Assembly approval? In all of the botched responses to homelessness? In the decisions to hire numerous unqualified people to important positions at the MOA?

It is especially ironic that Demboski is alleging sexually inappropriate comments and behavior in the mayor’s office. Recall that, in 2016, Demboski and her surrogates tried to win her race for mayor against Ethan Berkowitz by spreading the disgusting and completely false claim that Berkowitz approved of incest with his own son. Demboski made national news for that. And she was fired after calling a female subordinate a “f—— c—“, a sexist insult that would get just about anyone fired from any job. That doesn’t mean that Demboski’s allegations of sexism in the Bronson administration aren’t true, obviously, but this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Demboski is also the one who tried to cut the Assembly live feed and dismiss security and the police from Assembly chambers during a series of out-of-control meetings about a mask mandate during Covid. Demboski has a long, well-documented history of malicious, dishonest, and retaliatory behavior, especially toward former colleagues and employers. Those on the left (including, it seems, Scott Kendall) who have let their guard down and joined “Team Amy” may be in for a rude awakening.

Stay tuned for a Landmine story with a lot more on this.

If you have a nomination for this week’s Loose Unit, or if you have any political news, stories or gossip (or any old pics of politicians or public officials) please email me at

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Why do I still read this blog?
1 year ago

Regardless of Amy Demboski’s mendacity, a reputable lawyer is not going to make allegations like the ones in Scott Kendall’s letter unless he possesses evidence beyond his client’s assertions. If you read Kendall’s letter, it is clear that he has evidence to back up the allegations. I guess Jeff is trying to besmirch Kendall by pointing out that Kendall worked for Walker and helped write Ballot Measure 2, but regardless of Jeff’s feelings, Kendall is a good lawyer who’s not going to sully his own reputation by very visibly making accusations against a public figure that he can’t back up.… Read more »

1 year ago

Have you ever seen Jeff’s interviews with Bill Walker? He and Bill clearly get along. Scott Kendall has lost cases before. Amy Demboski is a psychopath. Who knows what Kendall knows but he has a sick lunatic with a long track record of sociopathic behavior (including spreading sick stories about Ethan wanting to have sex with his child) for a client.

1 year ago

Bronson is a documented antisemitic-any support for him is a defense of his hate filled beliefs.
My take is Jeff likes drama, views politician shenanigans as entertainment, like high school social disputes. When he is not focusing on his love of drama he is quite solid as an investigating reporter.

Maureen Suttman
1 year ago
Reply to  Floridawoman

Don’t forget the lens of alcohol consumption in his work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Floridawoman

This I what I like most about the Landmine. It’s all very much high school drama type stuff but with adult real world implications. It’s like watching a comedy and a horror show at the same time. Hopefully at the end of it we can all have a good laugh and that those in power don’t ruin our lives.

John Doe
1 year ago
Reply to  Catowner

it’s like what if a reporter had all the talent and emotional maturity of a high schooler but had the metabolism and physical appearance of a 40 year old fat drunk

1 year ago
Reply to  Floridawoman

It is interesting to watch these political hags fall over themselves to lean one way or another depending on who is “winning.” Suzanne and Jeff can’t figure out if they should be in the Bronson camp or the Amy camp and seem to turn with each free meal invitation. An open bar seems to be the swing vote.

Lynn Willis
1 year ago

If the accusations against Bronson are true, the operative question is what happens to politicians who violate the laws? Think Dunleavy’s handpicked Attorney General will “throw shade” on Bronson? Remember when it finally took the Feds to come up here and put some of them in handcuffs and send them to prison? Absent that kind of deterrent, nothing will change in Alaska,
As to Demboski’s attorney, he is simply advocating for his client. Amy Demboski was the City Manager and now she acts “shocked” at purported malfeasance? Demboski looks like a chameleon lizard changing colors to match the environment.

Mark Kelsey
1 year ago

Matt Buxton made a good point about the challenge of forming a majority. Republicans, it seems, demand compromise without offering any of their own. Not sure why the concept of uniting behind a handful of deliverables for the state, like the Senate did, isn’t enough to bring a group together. Voters would welcome this. Hopefully the newer, cooler heads in the House will discover their power and lead the rest to this kind of solution. There will always be those for whom that kind of sharing is unacceptable, as witnessed by the three-person Senate minority. But hyperpartisans, rigid ideologues, and… Read more »

J Gentry
1 year ago

Blablabla I’m Jeff Landfield, blablabla ranked choice voting is soooo confusing, blablabla Scott Kendall!!! blablabla

1 year ago

Jeff, you are getting even more interesting in 2023. Keep following this story. It always is so amusing when someone who has run the show suddenly is innocent of all doings. Pretty standard stuff, bot really fun reading. And as usual, you present it in a bemused style. Hang in there.

John Doe
1 year ago

the voters, the Superior court, and the Supreme Court have all affirmed that Jeff Landfield is a fat dumbass who’s frequently bad at the only akill he claims to have. if nothing else this is a great reminder to Liz Vazquez that the voters do NOT want her to represent them.

1 year ago
Reply to  John Doe

Are spelling and punctuation skills you claim to have?

Perry Jevo
1 year ago

Demboski v Bronson is a good and perfect gift from the Gods