Reps. Fields and Kreiss-Tomkins sent letter to Gov. Dunleavy about Tuckerman Babcock allegations

In a letter obtained by the Alaska Landmine, Representatives Zack Fields (D – Anchorage) and Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (D – Sitka), who Co-Chair the House State Affairs Committee, asked Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska) about allegations concerning Tuckerman Babcock ordering the destruction of a report on Amanda Price. This Landmine article explains that:

Tuckerman Babcock ordered Amy Demboski to destroy report on Amanda Price

Here is a copy of the letter Fields and Kreiss-Tomkins sent Dunleavy:

Letter to Gov Dunleavy from Reps. Fields & Kreiss-Tomkins 8.5.19

The letter includes five questions:

1. When and why did Ms. Demboski prepare a report on Ms. Price?

2. Did Mr. Babcock, Ms. Demboski, or any other member of your staff destroy some or all copies of the reports on Ms. Price? Did Mr. Babcock direct destruction of those reports?

3. Do any copies, digital or hard copy, of the report on Ms. Price still exist?

4. When Mr. Babcock, Attorney General Kevin Clarkson, and Ms. Demboski discussed destruction of the report in a meeting with you, did you provide any direction regarding compliance with the Alaska Public Records Act or destruction of the report?

5. Given the reported collaboration between Mr. Babcock and Mr. Clarkson to conceal this report, do you intend to appoint a special counsel to examine this issue without bias?

They also request a copy of the report. I submitted a public records request for the report on July 24. By law, they have ten business days to respond with the requested information, ask for an extension, or explain why the requested information is not public. Today marks ten business days. The Governor’s Office has exercised the 10-day extension, but has indicated they intend to fulfill the request.

Representative Matt Claman (D – Anchorage), who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Attorney General Kevin Clarkson on July 19 asking similar questions. This Landmine article includes that letter:

Rep. Claman sent letter to Attorney General about Tuckerman Babcock alleged misconduct

Both letters ask about appointing a special counsel to investigate the allegations. The question is will that happen. Governor Dunleavy has yet to publicly comment on the matter.


Attorney General Kevin Clarkson has responded to the letter from Fields and Kreiss-Tomkins. His response can be seen below. In his response, Clarkson says no unique records were destroyed. He also says the Governor’s Office still has possession of the records and the Department of Law has duplicate records. Clarkson also acknowledges the matter was brought to his attention back in April, as well as the steps he took.

8-8-19 Letter to Rep Fields Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins

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3 years ago

Now this is investigative journalism. More of this, less puff pieces, please.

Elstun Lauesen
3 years ago

Clarkson is the lawyer for THE PEOPLE Not the Guv. Clarkson’s Collaboration would be an unconstitutional failure to faithfully execute his duties. This makes the destruction of the report a Three-fer: the destruction is a civil violation of the records act, the coverup is a criminal violation act and collusion by the AG is a violation of the Constitution. Dunleavy is a crime Boss