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Rep. Claman sent letter to Attorney General about Tuckerman Babcock alleged misconduct

In a letter obtained by the Alaska Landmine, Representative Matt Claman (D – Anchorage) asked Attorney General Kevin Clarkson about a story I reported last week involving Tuckerman Babcock and Amy Demboski.

Here is that story:

Tuckerman Babcock ordered Amy Demboski to destroy report on Amanda Price

Here is the letter:

2019.07.19 Letter to Attorney General Clarkson

In the letter, Claman, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, references the story and ends by asking three questions of the AG.

Clarkson sent a response which did not answer Claman’s questions. It just said the Department of Law would be considering his inquiry “within applicable laws and authority.” Here is that letter:

Clarkson Response

This is a developing story.

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Bob Weinstein
4 years ago

Someone needs to explain to Clyde Ed Sniffen Jr the difference between a capital and a capitol.