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New Poll On Governor’s Race Reveals Interesting Data

Oregon-based polling firm Patinkin Research Strategies recently completed a poll on the Alaska governor’s race. The confidential results were obtained by the Alaska Landmine from a person who did not have permission to share. It was paid for by Lottsfeldt Strategies and was conducted between the end of November and early December. It targeted likely Republican primary voters with a sample size of 600 people.

The poll reveals some interesting data. If John Binkley were to get in the race now, he would surely be the front runner. It also shows that Senator Mike Dunleavey’s support among Republican voters is very weak. However, when the poll was conducted Dunleavey had not yet reentered the race so his support is likely higher now. Binkley’s support was probably influenced by recent media coverage of his family’s acquisition of the Alaska Dispatch News, now Anchorage Daily News (ADN). Republicans are generally happy that a conservative family purchased the ADN from what they saw as a liberal owner with an agenda, Alice Rogoff. So that probably gave him a bump. If he does run, I’m sure his opponents will say the family’s ownership of the ADN poses a major conflict.

The poll also looks at a potential general election scenario between Binkley, Begich, and Walker. It shows Binkley with 31%, Begich with 21%, Walker with 18%, and 30% undecided. While it’s still very early, Walker can’t be happy with numbers like that as a sitting governor.

The results from the poll can be seen below:





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