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Mary Ann Pruitt files amended financial disclosure that includes PS Strategies clients

On April 4, 2019, Mary Ann Pruitt filed an amended Public Official Financial Disclosure (POFD) that includes clients of her marketing and advertising firm, PS Strategies. The Landmine has obtained a copy of it through a records request. Pruitt is working as Governor Michael J. Dunleavy’s Communications Director, although she is working as a contractor and not a State employee.

Pruitt, who is the wife of House Minority Leader Representative Lance Pruitt (R – Anchorage), initially declined to list her clients of PS Strategies, arguing that she should not have to because she is a contractor and there is no conflict of interest with her clients because she is working full time for Dunleavy. The Alaska Public Offices Commission disagreed. All of that can be seen in this Alaska Public Media article, “Regulators: Top Dunleavy administration official can’t conceal consulting firm’s clients.”

Here is a link to her amended POFD that includes the PS Strategies clients:

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AK Resource

2019 Amended Mary Ann Pruitt POFD

The clients cover the period from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018. Some of them are really interesting. These include the Alaska Republican Party, SRCC (which I believe is the Senate Republican Campaign Committee), the Petroleum Club, and McGinley’s Pub, which is part owned by former Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan. Sullivan was recently confirmed as a Commissioner on the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

It also includes Families For AK Future and Families of the Last Frontier. Both were independent expenditure groups from last year. The Future one supported Dunleavy for governor and the Frontier one supported Republican candidates for the Legislature.

PS also has a bunch of restaurants, gyms, and clients in the medical industry. Maybe someone can get a bite at Firetap and then head over to Body Renew. And if they get hurt at Body Renew they can head over to Parliament Chiropractic! Here are all the clients, they are also listed in the above PDF:


Oh, one more thing. Mary Ann, you might get an idea of how many readers I have when some of your clients contact you about this article. Tell them to place an ad on the Landmine. I will give them a really good deal!


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So Governor Duleavy “masks” a defacto state employee behind a thin veil of private contractor. In nature there is parasitic fish (the Remora) that has evolved (I know bad word to some) to be able to temporarily attach itself to the mouth region of a shark or other predator. This fish “makes it’s living” by eating the “left overs” of the host’s latest meal. When the host dies the Remora simply detaches and searches for another free ride with free meals. Does anyone see a similarity of the Pruitts to this fish?


Wow! You gotta wonder why some of these businesses or public entities need to shell out the bucks they do to this or any firm.

Fart Chance

What the hell is C SI for a cool mil plus?


I work at one of these organizations, and these numbers are not correct. In fact, they are not even close. The quantities must show potential earnings not what she is making. I guarantee she will have to amend this again.