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Gov. Dunleavy chooses Rep. Laddie Shaw to fill vacant Senate seat

In a Facebook Live video this afternoon, Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska) announced he has selected Representative Laddie Shaw (R – Anchorage) to fill the vacant seat in Senate District M. The seat became vacant earlier this month when Senator Chris Birch tragically passed away.

Here is a link to the announcement.

Republicans in District M sent three names to Dunleavy to choose from:

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No on 1
  1. Dave Donley
  2. Albert Fogle
  3. Laddie Shaw

In the video, Dunleavy thanked Republicans in District M for the process to send the names to him. I guess he didn’t read this Landmine article:

Republicans violate Party rules in bizarre meeting to fill vacant Senate seat

Shaw was elected to the House last year. He defeated Albert Fogle and Joe Riggs in the Republican primary, and went on to defeat Democrat Anita Thorne in the general. Shaw is a retired Navy Seal. He has also worked training Alaska State Troopers.

Shaw will now need to be confirmed by Senate Republicans. There are 12 Republicans in the Senate, so he needs seven to get confirmed. Senate President Cathy Giessel (R – Anchorage) said this in a press release:

Due to various scheduling conflicts, Senate Republicans will not meet to consider the governor’s appointment until after Labor Day weekend.

If Shaw is confirmed, a new process to fill his House seat will take place. Republicans in District 26 will meet and decide on three names to send to Dunleavy to choose from. We call that a BOGO – buy one, get one.

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1 year ago

After the last session, Shaw’s acceptance into the Senate may hinge on the future structure of the Senate Majority Caucus, The caucus system does not recognize party -the caucus is all about the acquisition of power and influence and “loyal soldiers” from either party will be accepted as politically necessary. For example the current Senate Majority Caucus Leader is Democrat Lyman Hoffman. This appointment may well create the “Gary Knopp Show Ver 2.0” this January in the Senate.

1 year ago

Again The Alaska Landmine is concerning itself with “Republican Party Rules”. If we Republicans ever need any sophomoric advice, The Alaska Landmine will be our first choice.

Fart Chance
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike Dryden

Aren’t republicans the alleged law and order party? If you can’t follow your own rules, then why should that be respected?

1 year ago

Never heard of him?
Hope he is silent but Conservative!