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Dunleavy IE Announces $560,000 in Donations in First Week

The independent expenditure (IE), Dunleavy for Alaska, announced today in a press release they have raised $560,000 from 4 donors. They are: Bob Penney, Josh Pepperd, Bob Griffin, and Francis Dunleavy. Penney is a longtime Alaskan who owns real estate, a lot of real estate. Josh Pepperd is the president of Davis Constructors. Bob Griffin has run for the Anchorage School Board, is a commercial airline pilot (former fighter pilot!) and conservative advocate. Francis Dunleay is the brother of Mike Dunleavy. He lives in Texas and used to run the JPMorgan Chase Energy Desk in Houston. The amount each has donated was not listed in the press release but will be disclosed when the group files their financial disclosure report.

Dunleavy for Alaska was filed as a group last week with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Click here to read about it. Looks like these cats will be raising and spending some serious money to get Mike Dunleavy elected governor. This will surely make other Republicans think real hard if they want to get into the race. The IE is not allowed to coordinate with the candidate in any way.

Here is the press release:

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