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Independent Expenditure, Dunleavy for Alaska, Launched Today

A new independent expenditure (IE), Dunleavy for Alaska, was registered today with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. It was filed by Cheryl Frasca. Former Anchorage Assembly candidate Terre Gales is listed as the group’s chair, and former Anchorage School Board candidate Bob Griffin is listed as the group’s treasurer.

Word of an IE supporting Mike Dunleavy has been circling around for several weeks. The group’s chair, Terre Gales, said, “I’m excited to to be working with so many Alaskans who are supportive of such a great candidate. We will now begin fundraising and building out a campaign team. Dunleavy has a lot of support and we are optimistic we will raise the funds needed to run an effective campaign.”

Independent expenditures are not subject to the same campaign finance rules that candidates are subject to. There is no limit on how much a person can donate, and businesses can also donate. Businesses are prohibited from donating to candidates in Alaska. However, coordination between the IE and candidature is strictly prohibited. Due to the strict contribution limits in Alaska for candidates ($500/person/year) this IE will likely draw big money from individuals and businesses who support Dunleavy.

Dunleavy filed to run last year but suspended his campaign due to health reasons. In late December 2017, he announced his health had improved and that he was getting back in the race. He recently resigned his senate seat in order to focus on his gubernatorial campaign. Looks like things are starting to heat up in the governor’s race. Should be an interesting year.


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