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Dunleavy administration removed Walker’s proposed 2020 budget documents – here they are

The Dunleavy administration has removed all of the proposed FY 2020 budget documents that the former Walker administration proposed. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) website only shows the current FY 2019 budget, not what Walker proposed for FY 2020. Walker unveiled his budget at a lunch meeting of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce on November 26. It was a balanced budget that included an $1,800 dividend. The revenue forecast will need adjusting as oil prices have fallen to just over $60/barrel from over $80/barrel in October.

Governor Dunleavy ran on restoring the PFD. That would be around $6,700 per person, or just under four times Walker’s proposed $1,800 dividend. To pay for that, the money would need to come out of the permanent fund earnings reserve, and the legislature would have to approve the appropriation. It would take about $4 billion from the earnings reserve to pay for that. As of November 1, 2018 the earnings reserve had around $17 billion in it, but after a drop in the markets this week it is likely less.

I called OMB to ask why the documents were removed. The person I spoke with told me they were removed because they are the former governor’s proposed budget and Governor Dunleavy’s budget will be released on December 15.

But these are public documents and the public has the right to see them. I have obtained the documents. Here they are:

FY20 Agency Operating Summary Table

FY20 Budget Summary Table

FY20 Gov Nov-30 Fiscal Summary










Walker-Davidson FY2020 Budget Narrative



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5 years ago

I thought it was odd when I looked for these and they were deleted. Thank you for digging them out.