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The real crisis in Anchorage is leadership

Mike Dingman   August 5, 2019

So, recently the Municipality of Anchorage suddenly came down with a case of “crisis.” You’ve seen this before, much like an 8th grader the morning…

Former Juneau Empire reporter responds to former Juneau Empire editor’s ridiculous attack

Kevin Baird   July 29, 2019

Suzanne Downing is no longer the editor of the Juneau Empire. And that’s a good thing because it looks as though she has lost…

The next generation of Alaskan entrepreneurs are counting on stronger leadership

Rachel Kallander   July 11, 2019

I can’t help but wonder how Alaskans will think back on the summer of 2019. Among heat waves, forest fires, rapidly changing climate, and…

For the future of Alaska, protect the University

Former UAA Student Government Leaders (Listed Below)   July 10, 2019

Representatives & Senators: At some point or another, each one of us has had the opportunity to serve the University of Alaska (UA) as UAA…

Why a conservative Alaskan Governor promotes a Universal Basic Income

RJ   April 30, 2019

One of the most audacious ideas currently gaining favor among American progressives is the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). UBI is a…

On Alaska, weiners, and journalism

Kevin Baird   April 3, 2019

I quit my job reporting on politics at the Alaska State Capitol on March 14. Boom. Done. I told myself after I quit that…

Why I’m voting for the proposed Anchorage Alcohol Tax

Christopher Constant   March 31, 2019

My name is Christopher Constant. I represent Downtown, South Addition, Fairview, Mountain View, and Government Hill on the Anchorage Assembly. I read the argument…

Why I’m voting against the proposed Anchorage Alcohol Tax

Darwin Biwer   March 30, 2019

My name is Darwin Biwer. I have been the owner of Darwin’s Theory since it’s beginning in 1981. I am writing about the Anchorage…

Governor Walker was right about the Pebble Mine

Bruce Switzer   March 8, 2019

Former Governor Bill Walker was absolutely correct. The Army Corps of Engineers Pebble Mine Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a waste of time and…

Ballot Measure 1 will hurt coastal Alaska, renewables, and fisheries

Mead Treadwell   November 5, 2018

Can you name one person in Alaska who actually opposes having healthy salmon populations? I certainly cannot. Ballot Measure 1, better known as the…

Bill Walker was the Governor we Needed

MKC   October 23, 2018

Whether or not you like Governor Bill Walker, he is a role model for both those who agree and disagree with his decisions. Let…

Three Candidates for Congress and Five Questions About Alaska’s Future

Kokayi Nosakhere   April 24, 2018

Alaska, with a population of less than one million people, receives, under the United States Constitution, one member in the House of Representatives. Since…

Senator John Coghill is the One Person Preventing Bree’s Law from Passing the Senate

Butch Moore   April 2, 2018

House Bill (HB) 214, the bill to officially name the "dating violence" part of the Alaska Safe Children’s Act as Bree's Law, has more...

Julia O’Malley Lands a Whopper in the New York Times

Spenaardvark   February 22, 2018

On February 20, the New York Times published a bizarre article by Anchorage columnist Julia O’Malley titled “Finding Produce in Alaska’s Long Winter Takes...
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