The Sunday Minefield – December 9, 2018

It’s been nine days since the big quake hit Southcentral Alaska. The aftershocks continue. In fact, we had two good ones this morning. At what point do they stop being aftershocks and start being just earthquakes? Check out this satire … Read More

Anchorage earthquake memes “fly off the shelves”

Before the snow and dust had settled, rattled Anchorageites jumped online to share their earthquake experiences in dramatic stories, photos, and of course, dank memes. One of the first viral post-quake memes used the infamous photo of Tom Sulczynski’s stranded SUV. … Read More

Live Updates: Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits Anchorage

Final update, 3:14pm Map from the Alaska Earthquake Center, showing great disparities in the amount of shaking felt throughout Anchorage. Update, 2:55pm This post from Temblor, “Exotic M=7.0 earthquake strikes beneath Anchorage, Alaska,” contains several diagrams and a comparison of … Read More

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