Watch: Live 2022 Alaska ranked choice tabulation coverage


Make sure tune into our live coverage of the ranked choice tabulation starting today at 3:30 pm. We will be broadcasting live on the Landmine website as well as FacebookYouTube, and Twitter. Jeff Landfield and Charisse Millett will be following the races and providing commentary and analysis.

Of the 62 races (3 statewide and 59 legislative) it looks like just 12 will be decided using ranked choice voting: the U.S. Senate race, the U.S. House race, three State Senate races, and seven State House races.

However, this could change slightly as the Division of Elections will update results with outstanding absentee ballots right before the tabulation. We will be tracking this live on our show.

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1 year ago

Two trump turds FLUSHED right down the crapper. Good riddance and stay gone!!

Marlin Savage
1 year ago

As an incumbent, Lisa, had tons of money, democrat votes, and McConnell’s backing. The fact that a neophyte gave her such a credible fight speaks volumes.