Wanted: Primary Opponent for Charisse Millett

Charisse Millett has served in the Alaska Legislature since 2008. In addition to her being part of the infamous “Love Caucus” she has routinely stabbed her colleagues in the back. She is also known for spreading salacious and false rumors about her political enemies. Then, when it is convenient or when she needs them for something, she acts like she is their friend. This is not how leaders act.

The district she represents, District 25, encompasses the area east of the Seward Highway between Dowling and Abbott. Click here to see the district map. This is a Republican favored district, although she was nearly defeated by Pat Higgins in 2016. She won by only 93 votes.

The filing deadline to run for the legislature is June 1. So far no Republican has filed to run against her in the primary. I believe she is vulnerable and beatable in the Republican primary. It just requires a good candidate who is willing to step up and work hard. Running for office is a great experience.

If you are a Republican living in her district and are also tired of her, I am asking you to step up and run against her. What I am offering:

  1. I will help you get all the necessary paperwork to file in order
  2. I will help manage your campaign
  3. I will help you raise money
  4. I will go door to door for you all summer
  5. I will do this all for no fee, strictly as a volunteer

If you know a Republican in her district who might be interested, please share this with them.

Charisse needs to go. I can personally attest to her childish antics. People like her only create more divisiveness in Juneau. It is time for some big changes in the legislature. Are you willing to be that change? If so, send me an email at jeff@alaskalandmine.com and we can make it happen.


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Elstun Lauesen
4 years ago

PLUS having Jeff as your CM would be an unparalleled experience. b/t/w,No. 5 is not legal. Campaign donations, including “in-kind” donations are limited to $500. You have about $2,500-$3,000 thru August.