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Note: As part of our coverage of the 2021 Anchorage mayoral race, the Landmine invited the Dunbar, Bronson, Robbins, Evans, Martinez, and Falsey campaigns to submit one op-ed each of 700 words or less in support of their respective candidates. All submissions received are published as-is and in random order starting on March 1.

My name is George Martinez and I am an independent candidate for Mayor of Anchorage. I am a husband, a father, a university professor, and a former US cultural diplomat, where I served under Republican and Democratic administrations. I serve on the boards of several local nonprofits including the advisory board for Anchorage Cops for Community. I am the only mayoral candidate with hands-on experience in the mayor’s office, serving from 2015 to 2019 as the special assistant to the mayor with a focus on economic development, youth development, and making the municipality more accessible and effective for the people. During my time, I built a strong record of accomplishment and reputation for getting things done which is why I know first hand the challenges, successes, and opportunities our city faces. I also know that leading Anchorage is not just about having a vision; it’s about the ability to bring people togetherto move Anchorage forward.

Here are a few of the people supporting my campaign in their own words:

Rick Mystrom, former Republican Mayor of Anchorage:
“George has worked for Democratic and Republican administrations both nationally and locally. In a community as divided as Anchorage is, he brings both the desire and ability to build mutual respect and mobilize that respect into a stronger, more livable city..”

Margo Bellamy, member of the Anchorage School Board:
“George has the experience and vision to unite the people of Anchorage. He recognizes the greatness in our kids and the need for quality education, effective core services, and a thriving economy for all.”

Elizabeth Medicine Crow, Alaskan Native Leader:
“George understands the living experiences of our community. He brings the innovative, thoughtful, and energetic leadership that we need to move Anchorage forward. His intergenerational approach brings together youth and elders in a way that uplifts the unique Alaskan values that we’ve had for thousands of years.”

Rev. Dr. Alonzo Patterson, Retired Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church:
“George can help our community break through the barriers that have held us back from achieving the full promise of what we can become. I stand with him, not to the demise of others, but to the success of our generation and the future of Anchorage.”

Sheila Selkregg, Former Assembly Member and City Planning Director:
“I believe George has the capacity to lead Anchorage forward. He has the vision to grow our economy, be fiscally responsible, and is committed to engaging the entire community. I am really excited that he is a nonpartisan! It’s time for us to be one city.”

John Schwartz, CEO Perfectionist Auto Sound and Security:
“George and I share the entrepreneurial mindset that is part of the character of Anchorage. He is focused on supporting local businesses to get our economy going again while growing an apprenticeship network that will strengthen youth workforce development and improve graduation rates.”

Elsa Sargento, Founder of the Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans:
“I am drawn to George’s vision for Anchorage and impressed with how he delivers through his leadership. He brings people together with practical solutions for a safer and better place to live, work, play, and succeed.”

Carly Dennis, Former member of the Anchorage Youth Advisory Commission:
“George is responsible for bringing back the Anchorage Youth Advisory Commission which helped me understand how to use the power of my voice to make a difference in my community. He has an immense vision for our city and is genuinely connected with and concerned for the youth of Anchorage. I am proud to support him for Mayor.”

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George Martinez is a candidate for Anchorage mayor.

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2 years ago

This tells me nothing about what he’s for it really is just a list of hey these people like me so please vote for me.