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Video Story: What is the future of the Alaska Marine Highway System?

Governor Dunleavy has proposed major cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System. Under the current funding proposal, the ferry system would see a 75% cut on July 1 and would cease operations for the winter beginning on October 1. We spoke with several legislators about how the proposed cuts would impact their districts and constituents.

A big thanks to Senator Bert Stedman, Senator Jesse Kiehl, and Representative David Eastman for talking to us for this story.

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Sine Holly
4 years ago

And how many tourists have made reservations on the ferry system for the summer season? That is revenue from outside sources brought in to our state. Folks in S.E. utilize the very system routinely. Can we fly vehicles from the larger cities to smaller communities? No. They are transported via the ferry system. Does our Gov have any clue as to what makes the entire state run? It is apparent he has no concern for individuals outside of the urban areas.

Loretto Jones
4 years ago

This is the way coastal Alaskans travel. Cars, trucks, fuel trucks, freight to the outlying villages. For many, this is a life line to many Elders and families who need to travel comfortably due to health issues. What we need is less government and fiscal accountability from the legislature and the right to vote on the critical matters which affect all Alaskans.