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Video: A poem about Alaska, “What if I told you”

You might know Matt Larkin as a politco and pollster with Dittman Research. But did you know he’s also a poet? Check out this video, produced by Cale Green, of an incredible poem, What if I told you, Matt wrote about Alaska. How lucky we all are to live in Alaska!


What if I told you

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One Alaska 1

By Matt Larkin

What if I told you there was a land so vast
Where mountains rise high and rivers run fast
A place with immense glaciers, forests, and lakes
A spellbinding scene from sunshine to snowflakes

Where wild creatures roam, soar, and swim
Where lights dance on the sky to a heavenly hymn
Where endless coasts meet oceans deep
A place where ice and fire come to meet

What if I told you that in this magical place
Your dreams, adventures and future embrace
Where seasons change and the sun shines long
Where history is shared through story and song

Where Mother Nature brings her bounty to share
With those who guard her land, water and air
Where a Native culture endures and guides pioneers
For this is the Last Great Place, this is The Last Frontier

Now what if I told you this place is real
That it truly exists – how would that make you feel?
My friend this amazing place I’ve described today
Is real, it’s Alaska – I invite you to come for a stay

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