Video: 2023 Anchorage Assembly Debates

Seven of the Anchorage’s 12 Assembly seats are up this year. Only two incumbents, Assembly members Chris Constant and Felix Rivera, are seeking re-election – meaning there will be at least five new Assembly members in April.

Two former members, Jamie Allard and Forrest Dunbar, are now serving in the Alaska Legislature. One of the two East Anchorage seats up is Dunbar’s former seat, which is a two-year term that will finish out his term. Assembly member Pete Petersen is termed out, and Assembly members Suzanne LaFrance and Austin Quinn-Davidson are not seeking re-election.

You can watch the debates for each race below. The debates are in order as they were recorded in our studio. The two East Anchorage races will be posted on March 8, the West Anchorage and South Anchorage races will be posted on March 9, and the Midtown, Downtown, and Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER debates will be posted on March 10. Thanks to all the candidates who participated in our debates. And a big thanks to our sponsors for making these debates possible!

District 5 – S​eat I – East Anchorage

George Martinez vs. Spencer Moore


District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage (2-Year Term)

Leigh Sloan vs. Karen Bronga


District 3 – Seat E – West Anchorage

Anna Brawley vs. Brian Flynn (Dustin Darden is also running but we did not invite him as he is a distraction to the political process)


District 6 – Seat K – South Anchorage, Girdwood, Turnagain Arm​

Zac Johnson vs. Rachel Ries vs. Mikel Insalaco


District 1 – Seat ​B – North Anchorage

Chris Constant vs. John Trueblood vs. Nick Danger (Trueblood refused to participate and Nick Danger was not invited)


District 4 – Seat G – Midtown Anchorage

Felix Rivera vs. Travis Szanto


District 2 – Seat C – Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER

Jim Arlington vs. Scott Myers (Myers declined to participate)


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1 year ago

Ugh, Spencer was less than impressive. Did he do any prep for this interview? Who’s advising him? How are we ever going to get anyone elected like our mayor when that’s the candidate we choose? We need good candidates so Anchorage isn’t brainwashed to be trans!