U.S. Senate candidate Shoshana Gungurstein provides information about her past in press release

On Monday, the Landmine published a story, “Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Shoshana Gungurstein is actually Hollywood actress Shoshanna Chagall.” Gungerstein, an Independent, had been running an active campaign but had refused to provide virtually any information about her past to the public or to the media. The Landmine found that Gungurstein (who has used different spellings of her first name, and has also gone by the last names Chagall and Gunger) is a longtime Hollywood actress currently executive producing the 2022 movie Demon Fighter.

Today, Gungurstein issued a press release offering far more details about her past. The press release notes that influential politicians, including President Ronald Reagan and current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had histories in acting. The press release also notes that she has invested in real estate and other companies, earned a JD, worked in cleantech, and served in an academic position at Loma Linda Universiy.

The entire press release is below:

Not A Mystery! Shoshana Gungurstein Is as Real as They Come

Shoshana Gungurstein, the only Alaskan female independent, nonpartisan, candidate running for the US Senate. Perceived to be a “mystery,” in multiple reports by local blogs and media, she is anything but a mystery, she is a business leader rather than a political insider which may frighten the establishment who may want to try and hold on to power and silence or cancel her voice representing a new generation of Alaskan leaders. Her strong advocacy for rights to privacy, liberty and freedom, is refreshingly different as she celebrates those who want to be off-grid and off-line just as much as those who want to take center stage. Her previous work in film, business and renewable energy is not hidden news as it was shared on the ballot information that all registered Alaskan voters received, sensationalizing one’s work in negative light questions the motivation behind the reporting.

  • Her legal name and married name is Shoshana Gungurstein- (Shoshana spelled with one “n” for accurate phonetic spelling)
  • Her maiden name is Shoshanna Chagall Gungur and she has been happily married for over a decade to Adam Stein; legally has taken on his last name as a combined last name. Her friends affectionately call her Sho, Shoshi, Sue, and Sushi
  • Resides in her home in Juneau, and is here to stay and build her dreams
  • While spending substantial time in Alaska through her teenage years and adulthood, Shoshana moved permanently to Juneau during the pandemic
  • She is a successful private investor in real estate, technology companies, film, and theater
  • Supports Alaskan small businesses and is in talks to invest in a Juneau B&B
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (2006, University of Utah), MBA (2007, Loma Linda University), JD (2009, Whittier Law School)
  • Federalist Society President and LGBTQ+ student liaison while in law school
  • Post law degree in 2009, Shoshana held an academic faculty position at Loma Linda University where her teaching curriculum as an adjunct included graduate and undergraduate student courses to a diverse student body including Nursing, Nutrition and Public Health students. Graduate Courses taught include: Strategic Planning; Risk Assessment, Minimization, and Management; Legal Ethics for Healthcare Professionals. Undergraduate Courses include: Microbiology; Clinical lab sciences I and II
  • While she holds a JD, she has not worked as a practicing lawyer rather focused on a businessperson career
  • For over a decade, she has worked in the renewable and cleantech industries. Including work as an Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM) consultant for multiple projects including as a project lead for a syndicate, multinational team working with AECOM on one of the largest solar renewable desalination projects in Gaza, Middle East. She has also led efforts to bring energy stabilization and solar projects to Haiti, and water sustainability projects in Central California and Nevada.
  • A strong patron and advocate of the arts, Shoshana has invested in multiple film and theater projects including films that she has also starred, produced or directed. While not a lucrative investment, Shoshana considers Film and Media a serious hobby and a passion. Her stage name when on screen is Shoshana Chagall
  • Shoshana Gungurstein loves the State of Alaska and all Alaskans and is running to do good, representing all generational voices in Alaska. She cares deeply about the issues affecting the state and wants to make a profound, positive impact with public service while addressing the issues Alaskans face today and in the future.
  • She is a multifaceted individual, and proud of her work in technical, business, artistic, and academic fields. She strongly advocates for liberty, privacy and freedom for all Alaskans. Individuals should be allowed to live the way they choose without societal judgement and governmental intervention and Alaska has many residents who are off-grid with or without an online presence.

Some of the most influential and successful presidents such as President Ronald Reagan as well as more recently President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy were actors before they performed on a political stage and that additional skill set is a virtue not a hindrance to their leadership.

Shoshana Gungurstein wants readers to know:

“I can chew gum and walk at the same time. I can do data analysis, read engineering drawings, recite poetry, and act, while being the same person. When in office, I will introduce bills, respond to constituents, while at the same time be the ambassador for Alaska to get what we need from DC. I hope influential people in our state are not attacking me because I’m multifaceted. My personhood isn’t false and neither is my name. I stood up to run for office because I truly want to give my generation a voice and advocate for the ones to come. The positions I share in person, on the campaign trail, online and on the election ballot are what I stand behind and believe in. Getting Alaska what we need is my immediate focus. The joke is on anyone who judges my intentions because, I’m fighting for you, your kids and your future grandkids.

One cannot discount the timing of such so called revelations, akin to the pre-midterm raid in Mar-a-Lago. I’m not one to make comments about my opponents, but no one bats an eye that the incumbent still uses daddy’s name, and one of my other challengers goes by a hard to pronounce married name? So I urge folks not to engage in double standards, just because I am an independent, millennial, female voice, and honor my strong predilection for privacy, freedom and liberty for all Alaskans.

My accomplishments under my maiden and married name are both equally mine and it’s 2022 so making it about online presence or lack thereof, or sensationalizing the use of a married name shouldn’t be political fodder.

I love this Country and the State of Alaska so much, nowhere else in the world can my story be possible. Yes, we are in a stressful period in Alaska and across the country, with partisan polarization as well as rising costs of food and fuel, but there is no doubt in my mind that our best days are ahead.

Dear Alaska, stand with me as I stand for you! Show up for Shoshana Aug 16, 2022 for the pick one primary.”

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Greg Knight
1 month ago


1 month ago

Hope this gets more coverage – appears to be a modern renaissance type person. Pretty interesting.

Dave James
1 month ago
Reply to  Shelia

If by Renaissance person, you mean half-baked con artist, yup, she fits the bill.

Ostrich Alaska
1 month ago

This advertisement brought to you by … the new ads popping up on the Landmine.

1 month ago

Given the recent experience with the Bronson administration’s clownish hiring/vetting antics, perhaps you should verify her educational degrees. Not quite sure how she got a JD in 2 years when ABA approved programs take 3 at minimum.

1 month ago
Reply to  BBsMom

There are more than a dozen two-year J.D. programs nationwide, allowing law students to complete the required course studies in two years rather than the traditional three. The American Bar Association, which accredits and approves law schools and programs, requires at least 24 months of study to receive a J.D. degree.Apr 21, 2022 (US News and WR).

1 month ago


1 month ago

Well now, stick around for ten years and maybe then I’d be interested. Carpetbaggers, not so much.