The Alaska Stalker – October 3, 2018 (Special dumpster fire edition)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Alaska Stalker, what’s supposed to be a lighthearted round up of the best and worst of Alaska’s social media landscape.


Until this week, when everyone lost their ever-loving minds on the Internet.


In case you haven’t noticed, poking fun, pointing out hypocrisy, and making jokes, primarily about local Alaska issues, is what this column is all about. I saw approximately two funny things on my feed this week. Everything else was tied to a certain all-encompassing national issue, and my inbox, texts, and tweets have been filled with loyal readers rage warning me not to joke about one aspect of the story while simultaneously spreading memes, fake news, and screen shots of bad behavior from the “other side.” The Internet wasn’t a very funny place this week. It was downright depressing.


So, no column this week, folks. Unfortunately, everyone’s too hysterical. For humor. Let that sink in. I think Assemblymember Eric Croft said it best.

And remember: the internet isn’t real life. Until next week! xoxo Alaska Stalker

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Sam Andrew
4 years ago

Most of the time it’s just people airing their dangerous megalomania, anyway. I totally read this column because it’s always light-hearted fare about people who are always considerate and respectful to each other on the Internet. Nothing negative or toxic, ever.