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State Human Rights Commission attacks private citizen for “Black Rifles Matter” bumper sticker

In a now deleted Facebook post, the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights called out a private citizen on their official Facebook page for a bumper sticker on the back of his truck. Not long after, they deleted the post and made another post explaining why they did. The comments are something else.


But that is just a small part of this story. The owner of the truck, Brenton Linegar, was parked at the building to visit a client. He owns Sage Mechanical, a plumbing and refrigeration company. When he returned to his truck, he found two business cards. One of them had a message telling him not to park there any longer. This was written on the back of the card of Marti Buscaglia, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission. Linegar posted pictures of the business cards, the note, and a picture of the bumper sticker in a Facebook post. In just six hours the post has almost 1,000 comments and 655 shares.

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AK Resource

However, it did not end there. I spoke with Linegar about what happened. He said about an hour after he found the cards and note he got a call from his client, who owns the building. The client had received an email from Marti Buscaglia, the Executive Director of the Commission. According to Linegar, the email implied Linegar was a racist and asked the client to “please do something” about Sage Mechanical. The email also accused Sage Mechanical of performing substandard work and exercising poor judgement.

The State Human Rights Commission and the State Probation and Parole Division both rent space in the building. The business cards were from the Executive Director of the Commission and the Chief Parole Officer.

The client, and owner of the building, was understandably worried about losing them as tenants. There is no shortage of commercial real estate available in Anchorage. He asked if Linegar could maybe park somewhere else next time he comes out. At this point, Linegar had not yet seen the Facebook post. A few hours later a friend told him about it. That is when he made the Facebook post.

Linegar told me if the note was from a passerby or private citizen he would not have been as concerned. But the fact it came from government employees, one who could potentially cause problems for his business and the other who is in law enforcement, was very concerning.

Linegar told me his business has long supported veterans. He said he got the bumper sticker at a veterans event his company sponsored. The event was also promoting second amendment rights and the safe and appropriate handling of firearms.

He said of the 11 people they employ, not including him and his wife, a third are minorities and nearly a quarter are veterans. Linegar told me, “We are all extremely close, like a family. We are not racists. We employ minorities and women. We are hard workers and proud of the work we do. To be publicly called out like this by State employees is nothing more than bullying.”

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URSA Optical

We are all familiar with the outrage culture. Public shaming on social media by out of control social justice warriors is one thing. But when it’s the government doing it it’s an entirely different story. The First Amendment guarantees the protection of freedom of speech. Whether or not you like the bumper sticker, it is completely inappropriate for the way Linegar has been treated by government employees.


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Foo Bar

Jeff, that’s total bullshit. The State employees in the building were simply exercising their First Amendment rights and calling out what is to me and many Alaskans a racist bumper sticker, obviously intended to mock the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and given the “Black Rifles” twist, an implied threat of violence. That’s the take from this old white guy. Mr. Linegar needs to understand that everyone is free to exercise their First Amendment rights with bumper stickers. If he loses business because he expresses an opinion that many people feel is racist or obnoxious he can then suffer the consequences,… Read more »

The First Amendment protects us from government stopping free speech. This includes ‘chilling effect’ where due to government action people are afraid to speak. When a person leaves a business card of a government entity, they are not acting as a private citizen but as a government official. A police officer is free to put a bumpersticker on their personal car staying ‘elect Candidate A’ or wear a hat with that message on it while shopping for groceries at wal-mart. They aren’t allowed to put that bumpersticker on their squad car, or wear that hat while working in an official… Read more »


Not to mention the email to his client crosses the line in to harassment.


Not to mention that the entire event is an act of conspiracy to deny rights as defined by 18 U.S. Code § 241


And tortious interference with contract.

Black guns matter was started by a black man named Maj Tour


This isn’t “Black Guns Matter”. This sticker was started by a racist in Maine who quickly learned that actions have consequences.

R. G. Montgomery

One is racist for liking certain firearms? That is extremely obtuse.

Bob Weir

Another state worker here commenting….

71 montess

Andy, you are a lunatic!


Guess your no-substance reply means you have no counter argument, right?


Aside from the two fools, by the way they did it, being subject to lawsuit and also being fired. The story mentions they also made a complaint against his business, accusing him of substandard work. Which is sueable as slander. Not to mention using their govt. positions to commit character assasination when they complained to the building owner and implied the govt. would punish him if he didn’t attack the guy too.

When this is over, both should be on the unemployment line and the man they attacked should own the contents of their bank accounts.

Yes, state employees have a right to express their 1st Amendment privileges, but not with an official business card. That smacks of totalitarianism and a threat of using force if Mr. Linegar doesn’t comply. And that violates Mr. Linegar’s 1st Amendment rights. Bad move on the state employee’s part… who needs to grow a thicker skin or maybe go find a safe place with a teddy bear or coloring book.


These officials of the government have forgone their first amendment rights to be offended when they used their government issued business cards and tried to use the weight of the positions to shut down someone else’s first amendment rights. See how this works? The first amendment specifically protects us FROM GOVERNMENT shutting down free speech. They simply are not allowed to be offended by that and threaten that the government will punish for it. If you as a private citizen choose not to use their services because you are offended, then that is perfectly ok. But not them.


I was born in alaska. This sticker/statement is in no way offensive. It’s a interesting twist to the fact that liberals dont like black guns because they (look) more dangerous than the standard wood stock rifles. Black lives matter is a stupid campaign. It should be ALL LIVES MATTER, not just black ones, or white, or what have you.


Only a state with a 3.6% population of blacks would claim that it’s not offensive.


What is racist about “Black Rifles Matter”? I know 4 black dudes who have this very bumper sticker on their pickup trucks, and one of guys is known as ‘Bubba.’ So you’re offended. What gives YOU the right to determine what is offensive or not offensive. And, well, I’m offended that you’re offended. Does your offense trump my offense? Who decides what is more offensive than another’s offense? Please be offended by the blatant hypocrisy and racism inherent in the ‘Black Lives Matter,’ which is based on lies, untruths, deceitful word play and just general stupidity. Please be offended that… Read more »

C. L.

What actually transpired was 2 state employees attempted to use their positions to not only politically intimidate this gentleman, but attempted to harm his business by claiming substandard work by his firm. Malfeasance and abuse of power both come to mind as well as deprivation of rights ‘under color of authority’. As to Black Guns Matter being racist…it was started by…a black dude.*F Conspiring to deprive a person of their constitutionally guaranteed liberties – such as the government infringing on the gentleman’s first amendment rights – is a violation of Federal Law, a felony, and punishable by 10 years… Read more »


Good lord, are you stupid…


No, he’s malicious, against free speech, and pro tyranny. Don’t give a Leftist the benefit of the doubt.


Black guns matter is a 2a organization started and run by an African American man

We need to all go out and get black guns matter stickers and put them on are vehicles. I have another question what if it was a tattoo, does he have to cut off a body part to remove it?

The state employee had no business placing their OPINION on an official business card nor communicating with a third party on the subject using their official position.

David D'Amato

These state employees must be fired immediately, additionally the DOL should file charges against them. They have attempted to use their governmental positions to: harass, intimidate, threaten a citizen that was parked lawfully; they then attempted to interfere with his contract with another business, and they slandered and defamed him. The owner of the truck should sue the individuals involved and the SOA.

Kip Ellison

Black rifles matter was formed by a black man and gun supporter. You should probably do some research before you spread your ignorance.

James J. Marlowe II

It’s called “Official Repression”. She needs to be doxxed.

Dorothy Darois

If they were simply excercising their first ammendmemt rights, they should not have done it on an official government Facebook page. That crosses the line!


Government employees aren’t private citizens when they leave you notes ON THEIR OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT CALLING CARDS saying they want you, in essence, TO SHUT UP!


And then an EMAIL AS WELL! Might as well said to him “Nice business you have there, shame if anything happened to it.”


Wrong. Like I mentioned above, government officials and employees do *not* have the right to use their authority to withhold, or threaten to withhold, public patronage based on a citizen’s exercise of free speech. Look up the Supreme Court’s Perry v. Sindermann and Bd. of County Commissioners v. Umbehr cases, for starters.

I literally just blew out a motion to dismiss making exactly this argument just last Friday.


Foo: Sorry, but when the State Employee went to the building owner under color of authority and requested that the contractor be sanctioned for engaging in political speech, that employee became guilty of a VIOLATION of the contractor’s First Amendment Right to free speech. If your inference from a bumper sticker making fun of two political positions (hysterical fear of black rifles and promotion of the myth that police are engaging in a conspiracy to murder large numbers of unarmed, young, black men) is that is is threat of violence, you really need therapy to explore your tendency to fear… Read more »


Lol, wow, so now the government has a “1st amendment right” to try and destroy someone over political speech? She did not act as a private citizen. She specifically used the the public office she holds in an attempt to silence speech, speech that she misinterpreted but that is irrelevant. How on Earth can anyone not understand this? This take almost pre-kindergaten level ignorance.


People who work for any government have to separate out their personal opinions from their statements on behalf of the government. They get to say such things. They don’t get to spend any public money amplifying their private opinion. Those business cards were paid for by the state of Alaska. That makes it government speech. The government, in this case, behaved inappropriately.


a racist bumper sticker, obviously intended to mock the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and given the “Black Rifles” twist, an implied threat of violence. That’s the take from this old white guy. Yes, that was an intended mocking of Black Lives Matter. Given the number of civilian blacks that kill other blacks compared with the number of police officers who kill blacks, among other things, there are good reasons to mock Black Lives Matter. As this thread is not about Black Lives Matter, I will say no more about BLM. I have a different interpretation of “Black Rifles Matter.” I… Read more »

Bob Weir

Nice name. Racist much, “GRINGO”?

Hypocrisy on the left has NO BOUNDARIES.


When one of them is capable of prosecuting you because IN HIS OPINION the bumper sticker is racist, he’s crossed the First Amendment line.

fred ducque

That is a state government card, therefore it’s use for this message is not only a misuse of government resources (property)/diversion of public resources for personal use is a criminal act. If the call to the landlord was made from a government phone, that was also a diversion of public resources. If that call was made on working time, is was the misuse of an official position for personal benefit, which is also a criminal act. If the email was sent from a government computer, that was also a diversion of public resources. If the email listed the sender’s official… Read more »

Trevor J Kasper

Guess what retard, the first amendment only exists to protect speech from censorship or targeting by the government. That’s all.


I had really hoped to reach the end of this comment and find a satire disclaimer. Unfortunately in this case reality is apparently odder than satire.

If you are against Black Rifles, you are a racist. Done.

Individuals such as yourself are the reason this once great country is circling the drain. Who feels this is racist or obnoxious? Do I have the right to claim you are utterly nauseating or obnoxious? That you offend me? No, of course not! It’s not the flavor of the day. Look up the word “hypocrisy.” I always considered myself Democratic leaning by nature but, the party that has stood for “tolerance and honoring diversity” is truly the most intolerant & bigoted group in this country. Here’s a suggestion, toughen up your skin. Just like the rest of us have to… Read more »


Is the guy that runs the organization Black Guns Matter racist too? Black Guns Matter educates people in urban communities in all 50 states on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities through firearms training and education.

Bob Weir


Cut the budget. DEEPLY.

Anon Emous

@Foo Bar I can only assume you are mentally impaired…


Goodness, you are indeed mentally Foo Bar’ed. No thinking, non-racist, non-left wing mentally ill extremist would ever see anything from your bizarre fringe point of view. Seek help.

Robin Sage

Um, the founder of Black Rifles Matter is black


Actually, that’s Black Guns Matter, which is not the same thing.


so leme get this straight… the phrase “black guns matter” isnt racists,… but “black RIFLES matter” is….. oooooook.


Yes, in fact it is:
Black Rifles Matter


Talk about RACIST………Can we say ABUSE OF POWER…….First amendment rights……..So now rifles cant be black….I guess snow cant be white…oh wait they already tried that one…………..These Government officials are the most racist of all…….

Black lives matter is racist.

If the state wants to seek out discrimination and racism, they need look no farther than the actions of BLM.

Christopher Fuller

This bumper sticker was racist or at the very least disrespectful toward “Black Lives Matter” and what they stand for. The very fact that white people can make jokes or mock racism in America while minorities don’t get that luxury is the very essence of why BLM even exists.


BLM movement is just an excuse for black on white violence. In the name of justice they have repeatedly robbed from and destroyed the very communities they live. There is nothing legitimate about this so called group, there’s plenty of video to prove my point. Now to this sticker, there a movement by pretty much all members of the left wing party to make all AR ( black rifles ) illegal to buy, sell and own and also demonizing the components such as magazines and flash suppressor. There is absolutely no racist intent with the term black rifles matter, the… Read more »


Sir, you really have zero idea about what you speak. The originator of Black Guns Matter is…a black man.*F


Of course minorities get that luxury, evidenced by it even being possible for them to have a national movement like Black Lives Matter. It’s so insanely simplistic it should be satire, all American lives matter, but they don’t seem to get that. The fact that elevating one group’s value over another is the very definition of racism, and their gleeful participation, goes right over their heads, and as long as it does, the divide in our nation grows.
Mocking racism by claiming non-existent racism is a professional sport in today’s America.
Just ask Jussie Smollet.

Larry Swarthmore

There seems to be a premise here that Black Lives Matter is above rebuke or criticism. This is nonsense. BLM groups frequently spread misinformation about police shootings, call for poor and ineffective solutions to serious problems, and have inspired violence against the police. Chants to kill or “fry” cops have broken out at BLM rallies and dozens of cops have been attacked and injured while protecting BLM events. The shooter who mass-murdered police officers in Dallas specifically said he was “upset about Black Lives Matter.” Now don’t get me wrong, BLM has worthwhile positions too and we all need to… Read more »

Fart chance

Lol. Once again its the right wingers that need the safe space.


If you consider not being harassed by the government over political speech “a safe space”. What has happened to the left? They seem to have degenerated into complete idiocy. How is it possible to conflate the first amendment as a safe space? Being able to freely express onself without fear of reprisal from authorities is a fundamental human right. Ironically the office that targeted him is supposed be protecting human rights. This is a clear abuse of power and it is so far over the top that her judgement as well as her ethics and intelligence are questionable. She has… Read more »


The safe space for the Constitution is 2.43 billion acres, and upwards of 100k people died in the battles that secured that safe space.
It’s open to right wingers, left wingers, dumbfuck wingers like this guy, and Americans, Americans who have no race, which is ALL OF THEM. If you’re born here, your race is American, you’re in the family, the fuck ever about skin color. So tired of people trying to make me hate my own 300+ million strong family. Get over yourselves and join the all of us.

Thank you. I just ordered 10 of those bumper stickers to put on my vehicles and my friends. You idiot liberals get butthurt over words. Grow up pussys. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

My rights don’t end where your feeling begin…the 1st is protected by the 2nd.


What the government officials did could potentially open themselves up to federal prosecution for deprivation of rights under color of law which is a federal felony. Since 2 or more people are involved the officials could also be prosecuted for conspiracy against rights another federal felony. Also other criminal corruption charges may apply if they abuse their authority.

Joe Geldhof

Why the Governor puts up with these antics from employees within the office he heads is puzzling.

Real men don’t need big trucks

Real men don’t need big guns or oversized trucks with dumb shit bumper stickers.


Ummm. Who are you to tell people what *they* need?

He can drive whatever kind of vehicle he wants, needs, or desires … and so can you. Be grateful.

But you also seemed to miss the fact that the guy’s WORK truck. Notice the rack and the ladder? What’s his business (that the State muckety-muck wants to harm)? Read the article.

I drive a big truck. F 250 diesel. Tell me I don’t need it and display your ignorance for all.

(P.S. AR 15’s aren’t actually very big.)

Big trucks are for cucks

I bet you do drive a big ol’ truck and I bet it’s filled to capacity all time. I bet it also makes you feel like a real man. I did notice the rack and ladder on the truck he does business with, which makes it all the more curious that such a supposedly competent business person would wear what could possibly even be construed as a controversial political opinion on his sleeve like that. Sure, he has every right to air his very smart and important opinions on the back of his big ol’ pickup truck that he does… Read more »


“makes it all the more curious that such a supposedly competent business person would wear what could possibly even be construed as a controversial political opinion on his sleeve like that.” How about because this is America and fuckety fuck all what anyone else thinks about anything. You have no right to anyone else’s opinion, which is why they need to keep them to themselves. What is controversial in some places (odd Alaska would be one of them) is not in other places. Here in Missouri, that bumper sticker would ATTRACT far more business than it would run off. We… Read more »

I drive a Ram 3500 4×4 because I do a lot of little concrete jobs and small repair and remodels on residential buildings. Does my need to sometimes carry 3000 pounds of material to a small job make me a cuck???


It has been my experience that anyone who starts a statement with “real *noun* don’t…”, is, at best, a loser who desperately needs to tear down others to compensate for a severe inferiority complex.

Big trucks are for cucks

Good comment bro. I bet your truck is the biggest of them all 😉

Bob Weir

Cuck- had to look that up. I guess the takes one to know one applies here. I bet you have a good wife. Reaalllyy good.


The irony is this real man needs a truck because he does actual real man work, not sitting in an office or lifting controllers, sipping half-caf soy-achinos before yoga. As far as myself, no, I don’t drive a truck, I drive a 3-series because I also do real man work that pays very well and keeps me out of an office. It’s pretty fun, I get to lift things all day, work in a lab, and I carry a sidearm. Accosting me in my duties like the man in this article is a felony in my state, 7 years minimum… Read more »


If Lincoln had known that people would’ve been crying about this today, he’d have shipped those slaves right back to Africa. We’re all spoiled here in the United States, and yet some people feel like dying on a hill that doesn’t exist. Yes, some people are racist, but no ones out there running lynch gangs. Half the time its white people hating their own race, calling for the blood of white males who dare to express any freedom not deemed PC by the modern left wing juggernaut. It’s the largest attack on the people’s rights that I’ve seen in history.… Read more »


I had one of these on my jeep, drove people crazy. I ended up taking it off only because I had to park in certain areas where I knew my vehicle would be vandalized or worse.


I took that advice from LEO friends years ago. Displaying stickers of hunting, fishing, skiing, etc means to a thief that your vehicle might have good gear to sell.


Here in Missouri, I’ve kept my ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ sticker on my car ever since the election, and I constantly get thumbs up and compliments, even in city traffic.

In 2008 when I had a ‘NOBAMA’ sticker on the same car, I got shouts, angry honks, expletives, and someone eventually scraped it off with what looked to be a fork.

What can I say, the deranged stay on their side and act accordingly.


I hope that both Busgalia and Rhynee have been removed from their positions by now. Abusive behavior under “color of authority” is not only reprehensible, it is also illegal. These are obviously people who should never have any authority ever again.


Until Black Rifles Matter, Black Lives won’t Matter. The history of gun control is intertwined with that of racism. Far too often the elite sought to limit and keep guns out of black hands. Why? Well…. the answer is obvious, is it not?

Only someone ignorant of this history and overly obsessed with melantonin levels would find something like Black Rifles Matter to be racist. Then again, thanks to their zealotry and ignorant skin-color-ism, everything is racist from shoe laces to mosquitoes.

There are some serious misunderstandings of constitutional law in the comments. State employees, while they do have their own First Amendment rights, may not use their position, and their otherwise protected speech, to chill the protected expression of private citizens. In particular, they *absolutely* may not threaten (expressly or impliedly) to withdraw public patronage in order to apply pressure (again, directly or, as here, indirectly) on a citizen because of his speech. Look up the Supreme Court’s Perry v. Sindermann and Bd. of County Commissioners v. Umbehr cases. I just defeated (ruling issued last Friday) a motion to dismiss in… Read more »

Colorado Wellington

“There are some serious misunderstandings of constitutional law …”

Of course. Leftists don’t understand and don’t acknowledge the Constitution. If they did, they would not be Leftists.

R. G. Montgomery

Any statement made by a governmental employee using the letterhead or identification of that government is speaking on behalf of that government. So when the dictatorial thug made the comment, he is speaking for the State of Alaska when he makes such a statement. This is true even if he is contravening ‘policy’. if such a statement contravenes official policy or even suggests something outside the law, he is acting irresponsibly. So either the government official equates ownership of certain objects as racist or the would-be dictator who made the remarks is out of line. One can easily argue parroting… Read more »


Why are the stickers in different locations? The picture that was taken by Human Rights is different than the one taken by KTUU. Is it possible that if the HRC saw this different truck or sticker placement, i.e. the one with the American POW flag above it, they may not have made the same assessment?


Wow. I live in Colorado. Sounds like the crazy liberal agenda is affecting Alaska. Hope Alaska doesn’t end up like Colorado

Listening to Dana loesch talk show 📻 daily..whom I greatly love..Dana you spoken heavy against things concerning Black lives matter…but you seem to up hold this behavior?” black rifles matter”.. I respect out veteran but why singel out my ” black rifle” matter?….why couldn’t he had said my rifle matter..if he wanted to show support for gun rights?…it’s not what we say but rather how we say it…