Southcentral Foundation directors and executive fired for falsifying medical records, internal email alleges

According to an internal email obtained by the Alaska Landmine, the Southcentral Foundation has fired a prominent executive and two directors for falsification of medical records. The directors fired were Thomas Kovaleski and Clay Crossett. Alaska Public Media, which broke the story Tuesday afternoon, reported that Kovaleski was listed as a “director of dental” and Crossett as “dental director.”

The executive fired was Kevin Gottlieb. Gottlieb was described in a now-deleted page on the Southcentral Foundation website as the SCF Chief of Staff and Vice President of Resource and Development. Gottlieb is the husband of Southcentral Foundation President and CEO Dr. Katherine Gottlieb. The Southcentral Foundation’s Dr. Katherine and Dr. Kevin Gottlieb Building is named for the couple.

The emails are as follows:

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Ed Martin Jr
2 years ago

What you are seeing is the tip of the iceberg ! A year from now many of those who toke the PPP will be accused of fraud having to pay it back because there spending wasn’t covid-19 related expenses! What a field day there will be for Lawyers!!!!