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Short film: Tikigaq – A Point Hope Whaling Story

In March of 2018, I began a series of trips to the village of Point Hope to observe traditional whale hunting. With the help and blessing the Rock Crew, I began documenting what I saw with my camera. It is my hope that the short documentary I produced from these efforts respectfully amplifies the voices of the Alaskan Native whaling community of Point Hope and helps share their subsistence traditions with the world. Enjoy!

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Jerry Hubbard

Elijah and Dorcus are friends of mine. Elijah and I went to school together in Fairbanks. This was a very interesting film and they sent me a skrimsahed piece of bayleen along with a picture of the whale it came from.


Very well done! The drone shots were amazing – the whole thing from narration, editing, music, overall content/culture and videography were a pleasure to the senses. Congratulations on fine work and representing Alaska with pride and beauty.

Cindy Lelake

Beautiful job! Thank you!