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Sexual Harassment in Juneau

Since writing about the behaviors of certain legislators harassing female staffers, I have learned a lot. I have heard about this before but I guess I never thought it was so common. I was wrong. I have had several current and former staffers tell me very disturbing stories that all point to a culture of suppression and reprisal for those who speak out or attempt to speak out.

I want to make an important distinction. People flirt, men hit on women and vice versa. That happens and there is nothing wrong with that when it happens at the right time and place. In a place where everyone works together and knows each other, it is expected people will date or whatever. But there is a big difference between mutual flirting and consensual adult relations among co-workers verses men in positions of power harassing or interacting with staffers or colleagues in an inappropriate way.

This is a great article that highlights the problem very well. If you have any stories about this or information, please get in touch with me. Off the record is fine. This needs to be exposed because if not the culture will continue.

“There’s nothing you can do. It’s not a boss environment like the private sector. There’s no HR, there’s nowhere to go. They don’t have a boss, nobody has a boss. It’s an impossible system to work through. It became debilitating, and I had really no recourse,” the legislator said.

Full Article: In State Capitols, Women See Rampant Sexual Harassment

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