Senate Democrats estimate Alaska will receive over $1.3 billion in American Rescue Plan funds

Senate Democrats have put out estimates for how the nearly $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan funds will be allocated to state and local governments. The State of Alaska is estimated to receive over $1 billion in regular funds and an additional $112 million for capital projects. Local governments are estimated to receive over $228 million in funds. You can see the breakdown here.

You can click here to see a PDF with a breakdown in the estimates of funds for local governments in Alaska. This is based off what the Senate Democrats put out. To view their full breakdown, click on this link, and then click on “State and Local Fiscal Relief.”

Anchorage is estimated to receive over $100 million, Fairbanks over $25 million, Juneau nearly $13 million, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough over $21 million, the Kenai Peninsula Borough over $11 million, Wasilla over $2.2 million, and Palmer over $1.5 million. The breakdown for Alaska separates boroughs and municipalities. The estimates for Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau are a combination of both categories.

Alaska currently faces a more than $1 billion deficit if a full dividend is paid. It will be interesting to see how the legislature decides to use the billion dollar windfall they are about to receive.

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2 years ago

Good thing we’re a blue state so we can benefit from the “bill known as the Blue State Bailout”!

Frank Rast
2 years ago

The ASD budget will get hammered next year after the Federal money runs out, enrollments go down and the State funding formula punishing school districts for closing schools.

Richie romero
2 years ago
Reply to  Frank Rast

Just stay away from my daughters private school unless you pay. We are proud to pay for both private and the public indoctrination centers. About $10k a year for both is my nut.