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Scott Kendall, Jahna Lindemuth join new law firm with Bryan Schroeder

The Landmine has confirmed that attorneys Scott Kendall and Jahna Lindemuth are leaving the law firm Holmes Weddle & Barcott to join a law firm with attorney Bryan Schroder. Kendall served as former Governor Bill Walker’s chief of staff and Lindemuth served as Walker’s attorney general. They both started working for Holmes Weddle & Barcott in early 2019. Schroder served as the United States Attorney for the District of Alaska from 2017-2021. He started working for Senator Natasha von Imhof (R – Anchorage) earlier this year.

They will be all be joining the Anchorage law firm Cashion Gilmore, which will nearly double its size. Cashion Gilmore practices both civil and criminal law. Kendall said, “Jahna and I are looking forward to working for a more diverse group of clients, including political clients from this new platform.” Lindemuth will be a shareholder in the firm, so the name will change to Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth. Kendall and Schroder will be of counsel to the firm.

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