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Sarah Palin unmasked on The Masked Singer, sings Baby Got Back on Live TV

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was unmasked tonight on the hit TV show The Masked Singer. Palin was known as the Bear. Palin sang the famous Sir Mix-a-Lot song Baby Got Back on live TV – unmasked! The crowd went nuts. The judges were beyond surprised. You can watch her performance here. It is epic.

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Donna Mae


It is a couple days till Friday the 13th.
Why ruin it now?


Good for her! Way to have some fun, Sarah! The rest of y’all are just some haten arse people!

Joe Schmooga

😳 Oh my goodness!! The price to be paid for attempting to stay relevant 🙄!

Larry Jones

Kind of like your comment!

Kathy Holmes

She is an embarrassment.

Your mom

I’d like to see you do that an not be an embarrassment. F’n hater

Donna Mae

Really? As if that will make the embarassment any better.

Brenda Humphrey

I agree with you


Kathy Holmes, please explain “how she is an embarrassment”!!! Just because you “don’t like her”?? Pfffft, poor snowflake!! Sarah ROCKED it, which is WAY MORE than you could EVER do!!

Donna Mae

I can say she has been an embarrassment since she quit.

I used to like her. Even voted for her for gov. Spoke to my family about voting for her. Lots of support for her, then she quit.

Her “performance” at the vice presidental debates was even worse. So lets not even discuss that.

Here performance on this stage is just as embarrassing.

It is just embarrassing.
No hate, just embarrassed.

Is that not allowed in all things Sarah Palin?
Cause, that too, would be embarrassing to have to deal with. Maybe she needed the money. Who knows.

Frances Gail Peterson

Years ago when she made McCain relevant, she had to fight all the frivilous lawsuits that libs filed against her with her own money. I absolutely love her!


Not her own money- Alaskans money.


I agree 100% Donna Mae . I was one of the first to meet her at the vote booths .. I voted for her and then she just changed and became so weird.. but not just that she abandoned the Alaskans and Alaska ( that she loved so much!!) it’s sad what one will do for popularity!!! Right Sarah ? Stay in Arizona or where ever!!!!!

Jillien Michalske

I think it’s awesome, that she can be fun and bold! Good for her!


Oh my god, from Alaska I am sorry

Lisa Blake

Me too

Margie S.

Bwahahhahahah. Me too Sheryl.


People want to hate on this lady, when they dont even know her.


Oh but we do. My mom was her reading teacher. I really advocated for her in the beginning as did many others. But now? Just silly. *palm to forehead* Not sure what’s going on….

Brian Webb

Oh god no, not the speedo….. And singing, “baby got back!”




Hah! I’m from Alaska. Sarah Palin can do whatever she wants to show herself. We got enough hate in this world, not to mention… in your own life. Not everyone is “perfect”. Gosh. Focus more on the coronavirus that could be on your hands right now for all we know!
Oh, and if you’re offended by this comment – Feel free to show yourself. You and I, as human beings, are no different. 😉

Lisa Blake


wow…she rocked the house…

Kerry Ross


Wow, the quitter I s getting famous. She’s so lame, when she was still here in Alaska, I seen her and her family walking around Fred Meyer, she had one of her kids who was probably 5 or 6 carrying her latest son around in the car seat struggling to carry him while she was rushing to get somewhere. Her husband didn’t even try to carry the baby, they’re so dumb. Palin who?!

I seen ? How about I saw . ( YW )

Jillien Michalske

Ugh, grammar police. 🙄


Stone Cold-she has to quit because she was using Alaskans money to pay for her attorneys while moving into Mc Cain’s presidential race and the allegations on her husband. But , yes she is really wanting to be popular !! 🤣🤣😂😂what a joke and these people “ think” they know her? Not like Alaskans and all of Wasilla!!!

Sandra Suzuki

I am sorry you feel that way yes we’re kind of embarrassed by her up here yes l live in Alaska but it’s a guessing show she.may not be a singer but hey she gave it a shot.

Michael Sutherland

She is just ace’s, want to go hunting with her. Mike S.


Low brow

Nice….Keep going Girl….!!!!!

Keep Going, Girl…!!!!


All this, and we’re trying to STOP the spread of the coronavirus?

Someone please find me an infected doorknob to lick.

Jillien Michalske

I appreciate it more, because there is so much negativity in the world, and she brought a smile to my face.

To be utterly honest, I am native Alaskan and whatever she chooses to do with her life or whatever song she performs is nothing to be hated on. She seems to be enjoying herself and I am happy that she performed. Yes, she did represent Alaska in some complicity, but when will we ever let go of her representation of Alaska and allow her to represent herself as an individual. All I see is Sarah Palin, being happy and living life to the fullest and being in the moment. We need to stop and think about on how you want… Read more »

Doug G.

Very true point , Chudockdn!! She is only representing herself here !! Maybe – just maybe people will see that!! Still – I am with the Alaskans , pretty upset she quit on being our governor and standing for Alaska.

Doug G.

She was Governor. She is not governor as this host announced her. She quit while in office to run for McCain campaign and questions about missing funds… get the facts!!!! $$$$

Jillien Michalske

I think it’s awesome, that she can be authentic, fun and bold! Good for her! We all need a good chuckle, with illness and political 💩.


I thought it was great, I’m not much in that music, but it takes a lot to perform in front of anybody and knowing people are going to talk Shit about…. I’ll be bipartisan and reach my hand across the aisle