Rep. Hannan spent $3,000 in campaign funds on trip to Boston, Alaska Airlines lounge membership, Democratic Party meetings

Year start campaign finance reports for legislative candidates were due on February 15. These are the first reports for the 2024 cycle. These reports often reveal interesting or odd spending from candidates. Of the more than 60 reports reviewed by the Landmine, Representative Sara Hannan (D – Juneau) took first place for loose spending of campaign funds.

According to Hannan’s report, she raised $3,850 and spent $3,457 during the reporting period. $1,409 of that was for a reimbursement for an Alaska Airlines ticket for the Boston Seafood Show. The show is scheduled for March 10-12.

Hannan also spent $400 in campaign funds for a reimbursement for an Alaska Airlines lounge membership.

Hannan spent $770.59 for a reimbursement for “Alaska Airlines tickets: 9/14/23 HDCC $406.29 + 9/22/23 SDCC $364.30.” HDCC is the House Democratic Campaign Committee and SDCC is the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee. For the same trip to the Democratic meetings, Hannan spent $401.67 on reimbursements for a rental car, ticket change fee, and $125 on registration for the SDCC meeting.

Alaska Statute 15.13.112 (b) (1) states campaign funds may not be “used to give a personal benefit to the candidate or to another person.” The statues do allow for up to $1,000 a year to pay for the costs of attending political party functions. The Democratic Party meetings and even Boston Seafood Show probably don’t violate Alaska law, though they aren’t a great look. The $400 Alaska Airlines lounge membership is a real bad look and probably does violate Alaska law as the lounge membership clearly gives her a personal benefit.


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Someone who wants Jeff to grow up
1 month ago

Yet another Landfield incel attack on a woman, in this case a woman who he thinks wronged him by–gasp!–insisting (he says) that he donate at a fundraising event. He shouldn’t even need to be reminded to donate; attending a fundraiser without donating, even a small amount, is bad form. I suspect Jeff was there looking for free food, free booze and someone he can childishly deem a loose unit.

Sandy Cooter
1 month ago

But still… there’s no legitimate justification for reimbursing the $400 for Alaska Airlines board room fee. She’s stealing from donors illegally.