Recall Rivera group mistakenly sent campaign mailers to House District 4 in Fairbanks

In what can only be described as an amateur campaign blunder, the group supporting the recall of Anchorage Assemblymember Felix Rivera mistakenly sent mailers to residents of House District 4 in Fairbanks. Rivera represents Assembly District 4 in Anchorage.

The matter was brought to light by Scott Kendall, who has several family members that live in House District 4. Kendall said his family members texted him in confusion about the mailers. Kendall told me, “They texted me and said why am I receiving this mailer? Who is Felix Rivera? After I thought about it I realized the error and it became obvious what happened.” He added, “They might as well have set a pile of money on fire. Arguably it would have been more effective than sending mailers to Fairbanks.”

One of the mailers ironically leads with “Don’t flush your money down the toilet.” Representative Grier Hopkins (D – Fairbanks), who represents District 4 and is the brother-in-law of Kendall, made light of the mistake in a Facebook post. Several residents of District 4 in Fairbanks commented that they also received the mailers.

A March 30 financial disclosure from Recall Rivera shows a $15,750 expenditure to Oklahoma City based WPAI. Using a company based in Oklahoma City for campaign work likely explains how the mistake happened. A phone call to them was not answered. The about section of their website states:

Since 1998, WPAi has been a leading provider of political intelligence for campaigns from President to Governor and U.S. Senate to Mayor and City Council in all 50 states and several foreign countries. In the 2015-2016 election cycle, 87% of WPAi clients won. WPAi clients’ win ratio has exceeded the standard by double digits for four straight political cycles.

As of today, Rivera is handily beating the recall 58% to 42%. Maybe if Recall Rivera sent the mailers to the right district the numbers would be closer. A phone call to Recall Rivera for comment went directly to voicemail.

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1 year ago

How did Mike Ehrmantraut vote on the recall?

Big e
1 year ago

Skip the Rivera recall…
Tell us all about the big beer pong party Jeffery!!

1 year ago

Do most all your problems revolve arround alcohol?
AA. It works

1 year ago

Upvote this if you think Mr. ‘Beer Pong’ Landfield should be the next Loose Unit.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

I’m wondering if you beat Sara at leg wrestling.

1 year ago

Drunk again? Drinking that new vodka called slackenoff that makes you lazy
Where is the landmine Sunday edition?
Man o man.

1 year ago

Jeff is in rehab.
Back in a few weeks.
Until then please stay up to date with Must read alaska.