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Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: The FY23 budget thus far

Brad Keithley   April 15, 2022

This week we take a look at the FY23 budget as it transitions from the House to the Senate - roughly the midpoint in...

New Anchorage Senate map pairs more Republican incumbents, adds another open seat

Jeff Landfield   April 13, 2022

This afternoon, the Alaska Redistricting Board voted to adopt new Anchorage Senate pairings. This was the result of the Supreme Court ruling that the...

The Sunday Minefield – April 10, 2022

Jeff Landfield   April 10, 2022

Spring is definitely in the air! The snow is melting and there’s been plenty of sunshine in Southcentral. The House passed the operating budget…

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: Our chart for the special election

Brad Keithley   April 8, 2022

We use charts not only to do analysis and help explain our position to others, we also use them to help organize our own...

“Bahnke map” is identical map Sen. Tom Begich texted to Nicole Borromeo in November

Jeff Landfield   April 6, 2022

The Alaska Redistricting Board is currently hearing public testimony for new Anchorage Senate pairings. This is after the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that...

Landmine Staff Anchorage election predictions

Landmine Staff   April 5, 2022

Today is the 2022 Anchorage municipal election! Landmine staff went through the five Assembly races. Below are our thoughts and predictions. After reading, let…

Is Alaska ready for ranked-choice voting?

Thomas Brown   April 4, 2022

In 2020, Alaskans voted to radically change the way elections are run in the state. Ballot Measure 2, narrowly passed by voters, eliminated party…

The Sunday Minefield – April 3, 2022

Jeff Landfield   April 3, 2022

What a week. The field for the special primary election to replace Don Young ballooned to 51 on Friday, the last day to file….

The Alaska Stalker – April 3, 2022

The Alaska Stalker   April 3, 2022

Welcome to this edition of the Alaska Stalker, a lighthearted round up of the best and worst of Alaska’s social media landscape. If you...

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: What the Goldilocks charts tell us

Brad Keithley   April 1, 2022

Those who follow our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages know that we publish various charts…

The Sunday Minefield – March 27, 2022

Jeff Landfield   March 27, 2022

I am writing this week’s column from Narva, Estonia – the third largest city in the small Baltic country of 1.3 million. Narva is…

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: While those in other states became richer, how the median Alaska household became poorer

Brad Keithley   March 25, 2022

A recent article from Alaska Public Media’s Kavitha George is the trigger for this week’s column.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees flee to Estonia

Jeff Landfield   March 23, 2022

TALLINN, ESTONIA - Of the millions of refugees who have fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, thousands have found their way to Estonia....

The Alaska Stalker – March 22, 2022

The Alaska Stalker   March 22, 2022

Welcome to this edition of the Alaska Stalker, a lighthearted round up of the best and worst of Alaska’s social media landscape. If...

The Sunday Minefield – March 20, 2022

Jeff Landfield   March 20, 2022

The big and sad news this week was the passing of Congressman Don Young (R – Alaska), who was Alaska’s sole representative for the…

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: The Yuppie version of fiscal responsibility

Brad Keithley   March 18, 2022

From time to time someone approaches us with an argument that all we need to do to achieve a sustainable budget “is build up...

The Sunday Minefield – March 13, 2022

Jeff Landfield   March 13, 2022

Unfortunately, it’s daylight savings time once again. We are already more than 50 days into the “90-day” legislative session. The operating budget is making…

Brad Keithley’s chart of the week: Adjusting for inflation

Brad Keithley   March 11, 2022

In anticipation of the upcoming Spring Revenue Forecast, last week’s column reviewed what current and 10-year revenues likely will look like…

Outdoor Recreation is different in Alaska, our Alaska Long Trail will be too

Haley Johnston   March 11, 2022

Outdoor recreation in Alaska is unique because Alaska’s landscapes are different from anywhere else. Our mountains are bigger, our wild spaces more vast and...

The Sunday Minefield – March 6, 2022

Jeff Landfield   March 7, 2022

Things remain relatively quiet in Juneau. The House Finance subcommittees finished their closeouts for the operating budget, paving the way for the House Finance…
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