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North Slope Borough mayor signs order seizing Ravn’s North Slope assets

The Alaska Landmine has obtained an emergency order, signed by North Slope Borough Mayor Harry Brower, that orders the seizure of all RavnAir assets located on the North Slope. The order can be seen here:

Ravn recently filed for bankruptcy, stopped all flights, and laid off all remaining staff due to loss of revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic. This ADN article goes into detail.

The order cites North Slope Borough code about the mayor’s power during emergencies. The order calls for the immediate seizure “of all assets controlled by Ravn within the boundaries of the North Slope Borough. This order includes, but is not limited to buildings –  including hangars, equipment, operations manuals, parts, supplies, vehicles, airplanes.” It goes on to include intangible assets such as leases and security access codes. It includes but is not limited to assets in Barrow and Deadhorse. The order was signed and made effective yesterday, April 5.

Like much of rural Alaska, the North Slope Borough relies on Ravn for passenger service, freight, and mail delivery.

Mayor Brower posted this on his official Facebook page yesterday:

It’s unclear if Brower has the legal authority to do this or if Ravn will challenge the seizure of their assets in court. It’s also not clear how the North Slope Borough plans to use and operate the aircraft and other assets. I have a feeling it’s about to get real loose.

Editorial note: Don’t mess with Harry Brower.

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Bruce Wall
4 years ago

I sounds like eminent domain. I would think that they have that power. They just need to pay fair market value for the assets.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bruce Wall

No, not really, especially in a crisis with a national and state emergency declared, they can do just about anything they want.

4 years ago

Ravn moved all aircraft out of rural Alaska, on friday. The buildings are on state property at the Barrow and Deadhorse airports. In addition, all Ravn assets are now under the protection of the bankruptcy court.
I suspect the mayor is assuming he can sign leases so other air services can have a place to operate out of and equipment to use.

2 years ago
Reply to  Employee

One small modular reactor would supply all the electricity you want for residents & business. Despite propaganda spread by fossil fuel nuclear is by far the safest way to generate electricity. The whole US Navy has used nuclear starting in 1955 with the Nautilis sub.

A reactor for north slope residents would garner millions in federal support. The best reactor for area would be NuScale reactor. It’s modular meaning it can add units to generate more electricity.

I’m not a salesman nor investor, just a supporter of carbon free electricity generation.

Thank you.
William P Gloege
Santa Maria, CA