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MoHagani Magnetek Spits Hot Fire Against Bathroom Bill

A meeting of the Anchorage Assembly got interesting last night (3/6/2018) during open public testimony. MoHagani Magnetek, a local transgender woman, came up to testify against Proposition 1, commonly referred to as the Bathroom Bill. Jim Minnery, everyone’s favorite local social conservative, and his group Alaska Family Action are behind the proposition. If passed, it would require people to show proof of their gender when using a public bathroom.

Prop 1 will be on the ballot for the upcoming Anchorage municipal election. This will be the first vote-by-mail election conducted in Anchorage. Ballots go out March 13 and must be postmarked or dropped off at one of 12 secure election drop boxes, located all around Anchorage, or at one of five accessible vote centers by April 3. If you have questions, call 243-VOTE.

MoHagani Magnetek dropped some awesome rhymes in an extremely passionate and animated testimony. If every Assembly meeting was this entertaining, I think there would be a lot more public interest in attending.

M.C. MoHagani Magnetek (pronounced: mahogany magnetic) resides in Middle Earth (Midtown) Anchorage at the Wonder Woman Hideout with her cat and guinea pig. An aspiring novelist, emcee and poet that also loves being on stage, Magnetek’s list of accolades include riding her bicycle 100 miles in one day, jumping over five cars on her bike and chaining herself to a tree for justice, equality and respect for all people. She is originally from Houston, TX and graduated from East High in ‘94. She’s been back in Alaska since 2012.

Her testimony opened with, “If only for a minute, let Magnetek drop it and spin it!”

Check out the testimony here:


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