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Minnery Misleads Public – Sent Cease and Desist Letter

Jim Minnery is a well-known social conservative in Anchorage. He is the executive director of Alaska Family Council, a non-profit, far-right Christian advocacy group. According to their website:

The mission of Alaska Family is to inspire biblical citizenship, equip statesmen and church leadership, promote sound policy, and elevate community dialogue.

The vision of Alaska Family is to see an Alaska where families thrive, religious freedom flourishes, life is cherished, and God is honored.

Minnery has been involved in a number of high profile ballot initiatives opposing LGBT rights. Currently, Alaska Family Council is behind Proposition 1, commonly referred to as the Bathroom Bill. It will appear on the April 2018 municipal ballot. If passed, people would be required to use public restrooms and locker rooms matching the sex listed on their birth certificate rather than those consistent with their gender identity. The proposition is in response to an equal rights ordinance passed by the Anchorage Assembly listing transgender people as a protected class.

Minnery is not afraid to ask for money. He continually emails his supporters donation requests for Alaska Family Action and Alaska Family Council. He has every right to do so. However, it is not his right to claim to be something he is not. Oddly enough, that is what he is claiming transgender people are doing.

In Minnery’s bio on the Alaska Family Action website he claims to be a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, “The Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) credential demonstrates an individual’s mastery of the standards set for core knowledge and skills required of fundraising executives after five years of experience. This practice-based designation requires demonstration of having met these standards through both an application and a written examination.”

The Landmine contacted CFRE International – the independent, non-profit organization overseeing certification for fundraising professionals – to inquire about Mr. Minnery’s status. According to them, no one under that name has the CFRE certification. Furthermore, following an investigation, CFRE International sent Minnery a cease and desist letter regarding his use of the CFRE certification. The entire email can be seen here:


The irony, of course, is that Minnery wants to force people to show certification of their gender, but has no compunction in misleading people about his own certifications. Perhaps Minnery should get his own issues in order before he starts worrying about others.

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Seth Timmer
5 years ago

Yes these are equivalent

5 years ago

Good God that is hilarious. What else is he lying about?

5 years ago

Apparently, he also has the smile of a serial killer.