Mead Treadwell Running for Governor

Mead Treadwell is running for governor. His website,, just went up. ‘Treadwell Governor’ is prominently displayed on the front page.

Treadwell adds to the Republican field, which is currently comprised of former State Senator Mike Dunleavy, business man Scott Hawkins, and Representative Mike Chenault. Although it seems Chenault is going to withdraw. He did not attended the gubernatorial debate at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conference yesterday, though he was scheduled to participate.

Treadwell’s served as lieutenant governor from 2010-2014 under Governor Sean Parnell. He also unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate in 2014. Treadwell is well known in the Alaska business community and has statewide name recognition. The Republican primary is about to get real fun! The primary is on August 21. The winner will face Governor Bill Walker (who announced today he will not run in the Democratic primary and will instead run run as a petition independent) and likely Democrat Mark Begich, who is reported to be filing today, June 1, which is the candidate filing deadline.

The Alaska governor’s race is about to get real expensive. No one is happier than the political consultants and pollsters. Stay tuned for a fun next few months, at least for Landmine readers!


The website was taken down shortly after this article was written. But here is a screenshot from when it was up earlier today:

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Eryn Sims
4 years ago

Why do you have a guy from Seattle and one from Ohio doing your dirty work for you acting like they are Alaskans?
I just read about the 40 thousand they have used to put up lies about the other candidates?
Can’t you run on your own policies?
Instead of spending all that money in negative adds how about you grow a pair and tell US what YOU can do for US and WHY We should vote for you?
That’s what I want in anyone I would even consider voting for.