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Legislative staffer sucker punches me in the face at the Viking

Last night started out like any normal Friday night in Juneau. However, it ended with me getting sucker punched in the face by a legislative staffer. After having a drink at the Triangle, I headed over to the Viking with some people. There were quite a few staffers hanging out, enjoying some drinks, and singing some karaoke. Definitely my kind of night out!

As I walked in I saw the staffer (known as staffer X), who works for Representative Josh Revak (R – Anchorage). He greeted me and told me he wanted to buy me a drink. We went over to the bar and ordered some Vodka Red Bulls. As the night went on we continued to drink and hang out with other staffers. We each bought a few rounds. Everyone was having fun.

At one point I was talking to two staffers at a table. Staffer X was also at the table. He took out his phone and appeared to start filming me and the female staffer I was talking to. He has been known to do this at bars in Juneau. So I asked him if he was filming and told him to stop if he was. He did not respond. I again told him to stop fucking filming. Finally I said, “Hey man, what the fuck! Stop fucking filming us.” The next thing I knew he had punched me in the face!

It happened so fast I didn’t really have time to react. I didn’t even see it coming. He then snapped and attempted to attack me. He had the thousand yard stare. Luckily, the other staffer, a male who was sober, got in between us and prevented him from attacking me. If he had not been there I think it would have been a lot worse. I’m a big guy and can defend myself but staffer X is also a big guy and former military.

Within maybe 30 seconds, two of the bouncers came over. They grabbed him and kicked him out of the bar. Witnesses told them what happened. They asked me if I wanted to press charges. I told them I did not.

I was honestly in disbelief with what had happened. He hit me hard enough where I was pretty sure I would have a black eye. I woke up today and that is exactly what I had. I got a text from staffer X this morning saying he was, “Sorry for the miscommunication and shit got out of hand.” I feel like he very clearly communicated his message. He also apologized for hitting me.

I also got a call from Representative Revak this morning. He said staffer X told him what happened and that he felt really bad about it. Josh also apologized for what happened. Josh is a friend of mine. I supported him when he ran for office. Both Josh and staffer X served in the Army together and fought in Iraq. I understand they have both been through a lot. It’s not my place to say what Josh should do. I don’t want staffer X to lose his job but I do feel there needs to be some kind of consequence. I think staffer X needs some help. If the other staffer had not been there to intervene I think the outcome could have been a lot worse than a black eye.

This is not the first time I have been hit by a staffer. Last year after legislative skits a staffer came up to me at SALT and punched me in the collarbone. Very loose. He was upset about something I had written about another staffer. Here is a link to an article on that. Never a dull moment in Juneau.

Update: I removed the name of the staffer from the article on June 3, 2020. It was pointed out to me that when he was googled this was the first thing that came up. He no longer lives in Alaska. I don’t think this should have to follow him around for the rest of his life.

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Robin Mitchell
5 years ago

Politics really is a contact sport!

Trista Crass
5 years ago

Veering into Gonzo territory with this one!

5 years ago

I commend you for not acting with violence as I’m betting that’s the response he was looking for. I would of pressed charges though because if the tables we’re turned I’m sure you’d be in Lemon Creek right now with (R) legislators trying to bar you from the capital to do your honest reporting.

Gavin Patrick Higgins
4 years ago
Reply to  Williwaw

he did use violence. Just his words but they were not please do not record me. Haha what a joke. Drunks all of you

Barbara McDaniel
5 years ago

A thug who is free to reoffend. Can’t Revak find anyone better?

gavin higgins
1 year ago

you guys hired sex offenders as cops to hide your breeding program w ppl there and others so nasty the same pos ppl have jobs with crime and the rest so bad. no wonder my mom had a job and my dad. sell out state and kidnap murder rape kids all this place is good for anything nasty and anything worse then as bad as it can get. this article is not about me either ppl or whoever just the name i read it but its beside the point. who hires sex offenders as cops. corruption and asian natives

gavin higgins
1 year ago
Reply to  gavin higgins

its not the asian that is bad its the using races to play stupid and ppl that end up with lives ruined by the scam up there nasty ppl that place is disgusting and beyond stastics as im not making any of this up its x over there the worst of it all and looking good through it hell

5 years ago

Vodka Red Bull? Why ?

Alexis Cundiff
5 years ago

What was happening that was worthy of him filming? Something worth sharing? It seems like there is more to this story that’s missing?

Brad Angasan
5 years ago

Sorry. Why is this relevent? Between you and the staffer. Stick to what’s going on at the Capitol building. I care less about barroom brawls and Friday night filandering.

5 years ago

Dude! When I said to watch your back, I did not mean for you to STOP watching your front!

Take care of yourself, man!

Bob Weir
5 years ago

So, what did Josh have to say about his staffer?

James Wosten
5 years ago
Reply to  Bob Weir

Josh more or less apologized and condemned alcohol-related violence, but didn’t say what he’ll do yet. Hopefully the staffer will at least get a suspension… sucker-punching journalists ain’t a good look.

Clark Yerrington
5 years ago

So glad I quit drinking!
Avoids this sort of situation, among many other improvements.

Gavin Patrick Higgins
4 years ago

After so many drinks you bought each other a few shots. Lol the drunk alaskan was like i was drunk at a public bar and saw someone filming in a public bar and was like fuck fuck hay you fuck put your cell phone down and charged the MAN with the phone and kept saying fuck while charging and he hit my drunk ass. Lol thats interpertatiion for ppl outside the state with 6x the highest rape rate in the country. Sorry it went down to 4x lol aka they stopped reporting alot of the rapes. Oh fun fact. Look… Read more »