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Landmine barred from party at Governor’s Mansion that Gov. Dunleavy invited “everyone” to

Tonight, Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska) gave his fourth State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature in Juneau. At the end of his speech, he stated, “One last thing: everyone’s invited to the mansion to spend some time with our guests, including Miss America.”

Shortly after the end of the speech, I headed to the Governor’s Mansion. As I tried to walk in, the head of Dunleavy’s security prevented me from entering. He told me no press was allowed. I told him the governor had invited everyone and asked whether he made the decision to stop me on his own or was doing so on behalf of the governor. He replied that it was his call. I asked him if he could confirm the decision with the governor or his staff. He refused, and told me to leave.

I then did a live stream outside of the Governor’s Mansion. It was clear that Dunleavy’s invitation to “everyone” had been taken at face value by everyone else. Republican and Democratic legislators, staff, and members of the public with no government titles or positions came and went freely. One legislator told me the party was packed, and that there were many members of the public in attendance that he did not recognize. There was no sign-in procedure or guest list.

It seems that security was on lookout for one group of people only: the media.

Last week, Dunleavy held a press conference before the first day of session. He concluded by condemning the media, specifically targeting the Anchorage Daily News. He spoke of a new “set of rules” for his press conferences and pledged to “call folks out at every press conference.”

Tonight’s incident was not the first time the Governor’s office has attempted to block the Landmine from events. Last year, the Landmine sued the Dunleavy Administration on First Amendment and due process grounds after his administration repeatedly blocked the Landmine from press conferences. The suit was successful. A federal Trump appointed judge issued a permanent injunction compelling the Dunleavy administration to invite the Landmine to all future press conferences. The Dunleavy administration then settled with the Landmine and agreed to pay $65,000 (the money went entirely to the Landmine’s attorneys) and provide an invitation to future press conferences.

Hostility toward the media seems to increasingly be part of the ethos of the Dunleavy administration. The administration has faced scrutiny and criticism in the media on several topics in recent weeks, including the firing of Permanent Fund CEO Angela Rodell, failure to deliver supersized PFDs, and a bizarre endorsement from former President Trump offered on the condition that Dunleavy not endorse Senator Lisa Murkowski (R – Alaska) in her upcoming race.

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Lynn Willis
1 year ago

Well Jeff, look on the bright side. You might not have been exposed to the latest variant of COVID (Omicron subvariant BA.2). Dunleavy and his ilk will do nothing to stop this pandemic from impacting Alaskans and our economy. How long until he throws Dr. Zink under the bus where she can join Angela Rodell among the competent professionals Dunleavy cannot tolerate in his simplistic world.

Richie Romero
1 year ago

So he does not like you. I’m sure your feelings are hurt. Now make a stink and write about the the bad man.
Now do you feel better.
I think no one missed your presents at the Governor’s party.

1 year ago
Reply to  Richie Romero


Though Jeff’s presents are boundtaful.

1 year ago
Reply to  Richie Romero

Yes, obviously he didn’t bring presents. Did you?

1 year ago
Reply to  monkfelonious

Lol, the pay to play governor.

Curtis Interruptus
1 year ago

Anyone who DOESN’T bar Jeff Landfield from a party is a loose unit. Who would want that tubby, loudmouth, arrogant asshole at their party?

1 year ago

You mean to the party hosted by a tubby, loudmouth, arrogant asshole?

1 year ago

Jeff – Did you actually see the rest of the press barred from the party? It couldn’t be because of that puff piece you wrote on Walker and Dryglas last year could it? Or some of the other things you have written on lately, could it? Who wants to host someone who bites as often as you do? I know I have seen some really entertaining stuff and I do enjoy your writing, but you might not be as enjoyable to people you constantly slam. Just saying.