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Josh Revak leaving role as state director for Rep. Peltola

Josh Revak, a former state senator, is leaving his role as state director for Representative Mary Peltola (D – Alaska). According to a press release from Peltoa’s office, the decision was mutual.

“I was elected by Alaskans from across the political spectrum, and I believe it is important for my team to reflect that,” said Rep. Peltola. “I knew that setting up a district office as a freshman representative would be challenging, and so I was glad that Josh was willing to step in and offer his experience to get this office up and running. He went above and beyond to make sure that our office could keep providing the support and advocacy for Alaskans that Don Young’s office was known for, and I’m confident that Alaska will continue to benefit from what he does next.”

“I was glad to accept the role of State Director for Representative Peltola and the responsibility to establish and develop her office with a bipartisan approach,” said Revak. “Together, we created a strong constituent services team to help Alaskans navigate through the complexity of our federal government agencies. Subsequently, I am moving on to other opportunities. I appreciate the opportunity and I’m proud of the work we accomplished and the team we built to serve Alaskans.“

Revak started in the role in February. IntiMayo Harbison, a former legislative staffer who worked for Revak when he was a state senator, has been named acting state director.

Revak, a Republican, was a symbolic choice as state director by Peltola – the first Democrat elected to Congress in Alaska since Mark Begich was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2008.

Revak told the Landmine, “I enjoyed my time getting Representative Peltola’s state office setup. I have been deeply involved in politics since working for the late Don Young and Senator Dan Sullivan, and then being elected to the Legislature in 2018. I am looking forward to stepping away from politics and exploring opportunities in the private sector.”

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