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Gov. Dunleavy, Lt. Gov. Meyer and chiefs of staff billed state almost $100,000 on travel in 2021

According to the State of Alaska’s annual Executive Compensation and Travel Report for 2021, Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska), his Chief of Staff Randy Ruaro, Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer (R – Alaska), and his Chief of Staff Josh Applebee billed the state $99,213 for travel in 2021. Ruaro was the highest at just over $35,000. Meyer spent over $26,000, Applebee over $19,000, and Dunleavy just under $19,000.

Ruaro, who lives in Juneau, spent over $12,000 on transportation. This includes 12 trips to Anchorage, five to Ketchikan, three to Fairbanks, one to Haines, and one to Hoonah. He spent over $15,000 on lodging.

Meyer, who lives in Anchorage, spent almost $16,000 on transportation. This includes 15 trips to Juneau, one to Seattle to see the remains of a fallen WWII soldier returned to his family, a handful to Sitka, Ketchikan, Nome, and Kodiak, a trip to Des Moines, Iowa to attend a National Secretaries of State conference in August, a trip to Colorado Springs, CO to attend an aerospace symposium in August, and a trip to Cincinnati, OH to attend a meeting of the National Lieutenant Governors Association in December.

Applebee spent almost $9,000 on travel, almost $7,000 on meals and incidentals, and just under $2,500 on lodging.

Dunleavy expenses were spent almost entirely on transportation, just under $18,000. This includes 23 trips to Anchorage and several trips to other cities and towns in Alaska.

Dunleavy spent over $24,000 on travel in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. Meyer and Applebee spent considerably less in 2020, $6,270 and $9,189 respectively. Ruaro, who did not start with Dunleavy until the end of 2020, did not bill the state for any executive travel in 2020.

You can click here to view prior year reports.

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Lynn Willis
2 years ago

“Fiscal conservatives” on display.

Jared L.
2 years ago

How do these figures compare to how much you’ve spent trying to identify the Blue Alaskan?

Flig Knewton
2 years ago

In CY 17, Gov Walker’s COS, Scott Kendall, spent $39,000 on travel. And in that same year, Gov Walker’s closest friend, Lt. Gov Mallott, spent $53,000 on travel. What are you trying to prove?

Richie Romero
2 years ago
Reply to  Flig Knewton

Jeff got knocked in the head on Saturday by two characters.
He may have a concussion.
If not then his rant is just drivel.

2 years ago

So how does this compare to other administrations? (adjusting for inflation, of course?)

2 years ago
maybe we should not have sold the jet
Ron The Moose
2 years ago

Those travel charges are part of the job in Alaska. We are a huge state. Whether you agree with Dunleavy or not, the travel is part of the job. Remember, legislators get almost $9,000 per month plus travel, Totally not relavant to any discussion.

Smash Applebee
2 years ago

Josh Applebee still has gainful employment? It’s amazing that people like him who were caught with their pants down with Democrats down still work day jobs with Republicans.

Last edited 2 years ago by Smash Applebee