Former legislator Dean Westlake killed in Anchorage, son charged with his murder

According to court documents obtained by the Alaska Landmine, former Representative Dean Westlake died in Anchorage on Saturday morning at a home on Rovenna Street. His son, Tallon Westlake, has been charged with manslaughter and tampering with evidence.

According to the charging document, Anchorage Police Department dispatch received a call at 6:52 am on Saturday from Tallon Westlake, who said an ambulance was needed in a hurry. Tallon also said he did not know what was going on with his dad but his dad was not awake. When dispatch asked him to go next to his dad to check on him, Tallon responded that he did not want to be next to a dead body.

When APD officers arrived at the scene, Tallon let them inside where Dean Westlake’s body was in the hallway covered in a blanket. Responding officers described Dean’s body as “pummeled.” There were streaks of blood in the hallway and blood splatter. Officers described a “heavy bleach smell inside the residence.” There were wet floors that appeared to have been recently mopped, and a mop in the bathtub. The washing machine was also running with items inside. While talking to Tallon, the officers observed what appeared to be blood on his hands and clothing.

APD detectives called the owner of the residence, who was in New York. The owner stated that Dean Westlake, who she was dating, was there from Fairbanks to start the process of evicting Tallon. Tallon had not paid rent and had caused damage to the flooring, according to the owner. Detectives also interviewed a neighbor, who said around 2 am she heard loud arguing coming from Tallon’s home. She heard a lot of “F” you’s and get the “F” out. She also heard someone say “Screw you. I’m not leaving.”

APD crime scene personnel arrived on scene and did a walkaround of the residence. They saw what appeared to be a bloody towel inside of a blue sedan that was registered to Tallon. When processing the scene, officers removed the blanket from Dean Westlake’s body. He had “bruising to both eyes and it appeared as if his lips were swollen. He had apparent blood soaking his head.” Officers also observed blood splatter in the kitchen, along the cabinets and walls.

Authorities will be conducting an autopsy in the coming days. The State has ten days to file an indictment against Tallon Westlake.

Dean Westlake was elected to the State House in 2016 after defeating incumbent Ben Nageak. He resigned in December of 2017 in the wake of the revelation that he fathered a child with a minor when he was a police officer in Kotzebue.

This is a developing story.

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Oscar H.
1 month ago

What about the case of Elizabeth Santos that happened around the 7700 block on Rovenna Street almost exactly two years ago? (right down the street)

When will you guys report on that? Perhaps if more people in the neighborhood were aware of incidents like this occurring in their vicinity they would be safer and things like this wouldn’t happen…

Actual credentialed journalist (retired)
1 month ago

Jesus Christ, Jeff. SURELY you know better than to use the word “murder” in your headline when Tallon is specifically charged with “AS11.41.120(a)(1): Manslaughter – Death Not Murder 1 Or 2“. Like, this would get you an F in any basic journalism class, and very reasonably sued out here in the real world.