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Dimond High School emails parents, locks down social media after Libs of TikTok uncovers teacher’s OnlyFans

Sandwiched between videos of students from an Oklahoma school holding feet licking and armpit licking events where students lick chocolate and peanut butter off of staff, popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok posted a video of current Dimond High teacher Fletch Fletcher.

The video, allegedly shot by a former student at a different Alaska school, features Fletcher wearing a tight-fitting dress in class that clearly shows the outline of Fletcher’s genitalia. According to Libs of TikTok, Fletcher also wears “very tight pants in school” making the students “extremely uncomfortable.” You can see the post and video here.

Hours later Libs of TikTok posted about Fletch Fletcher again, this time publishing screen grabs from their alleged OnlyFans webpage that features Fletcher engaging in explicit sexual activity.

Libs of TikTok’s post and pictures of Fletcher’s OnlyFans quickly circulated on local social media pages. Dimond High School responded by making their Twitter account private, and then issuing the following statement to parents.

This is a developing story.

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3 months ago

Dimond has condoned this person to continue this behavior around MINOR CHILDREN. The world has gone insane and if parents do not boycott this school – like in Homer – none of you should be parents.

Is the world insane?
3 months ago
Reply to  Concerned

If you are educating children you should be held to higher standards of ethics, you are setting an example that acting this way is okay to minors. This fringe freak is weird..

Cindy Smith
3 months ago

So wait… they have a teacher that has sex on camera (“porn”) for money on only fans (“prostitution”) and being upset about it is malicious and harassing? Talking about it is out of context? It’s a “safety” issue? Yes. safety of the students which they have apparently forgotten. Christ on a cracker… what are those admins smoking?

The Alaska Poaster
3 months ago

Fortunately we have the Alaska Professional Teaching Practices Commission, which can readily bypass any school district’s desired personnel preferences and essentially put this teacher on trial for a potential code of ethics violation, assuming his behavior has been reported to the PTPC. If found in violation, they have the power to potentially revoke his teaching certificate.

3 months ago

What happened in Homer?

ASD failure year after year
3 months ago

Ah…. the teachers union.

All for the kids right?

3 months ago

That’s a tight ass